May 25, 2011

What Lies Beneath…

I was going to do a post on what we found under the disgusting carpets at the new house.  I can’t remember if I told you that the last people to live in the house were three college-age boys… Think about that for a moment and then you’ll know why the carpets had to go.

There are great wood floors under the carpets, and they will be sanded and then stained and varnished. I want to wait to see what they look like before I decide what to stain them.

I would have shown you pictures of the floors after I spent about five hours today pulling up all of the hundreds of staples left from the carpets, but I left my camera at the other house.


  1. I've pulled up carpet staples! I feel for you! Quit for the night and post pics later! Can't wait to see the progression

  2. This is going to be fantastic.

  3. Lots of experience pulling up carpet staples. Tedious, but satisfying, once finished with it.

    (House Things - on vacation)

  4. Oh have I ever pulled up carpet staples, and don't you love the ones that pin down that tiny bunch of foam, making it even harder to get under the thing to pry it up. Have they come up with a tool to improve on my method of rocking the staple loose with a flathead screwdriver then yanking out with needlenose pliers? I hope so...

  5. OMG! We have done that staple pulling chore in a couple of rooms, one VERY LARGE, and it was NEVER ENDING!!! Even after we believed we had them all there still were many more that we found! UGH! You will LOVE those wood floors once they are refinished! Can't wait for the pics of BEFORE and then AFTER!

  6. Flo, well if anyone's come up with a new method I'm unaware as I did the exact same thing as you.
    And I have to say that pets do more damage to a floor than even young men. And they were my pets!


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