May 29, 2011

Thoughts on Leaving

As I wind down the final hours at this little house, I have a lot of good memories and some bad ones. As I mentioned a scant 11 days ago when I told you about the little house I bought, I had not originally intended to stay in Baltimore for more than a year or so. I was just dying to get back to the UK, and missed it more than you can imagine, each and every day.

But reality stepped in, and more than four years later, I am moving to a new house and a new neighbourhood. I have loved Pigtown, and have made a lot of great friends here, especially my dearest friends Cat and John, and their wonderful dog, Connor’s best friend, Halas. They have been the most amazing friends a person could have, and I love them dearly for all they’ve shared with me – especially many home-cooked meals (they’re both chefs!). snow4 There is a cadre of old women in the neighbourhood who keep watch out for everything that happens, and know every time you come and go. While some may think this is intrusive, it’s actually a comfort. I got the nicest note from a mother and daughter when they found out that I was moving. And the neighbourhood, even when it’s not covered in snow, is a quiet little place. 02-07-10 003Ravens’ Stadium is just a few blocks from my house and there’s nothing more fun than listening to the crowds cheer for a football or lacrosse game or hearing a concert echo through the streets. Too bad I won’t be here when U2 arrives in late June!

But, there are also bad things here. About a year ago, a charismatic church bought the building next door to me. They’ve been nothing but a huge problem, starting with construction without permits and after the allocated hours for work, and leading up to an assault and battery on me by one of their members earlier this year. In between, a lot of threats to me, and to Connor, including one charming person who threatened to kill Connor. In light of their ownership of the property, I felt that I had no choice but to move. It’s a harsh irony that the drug dealers don’t bother me at all, but the church people do!

So, with Connor at reform school camp for a few days, I am getting ready for my last night at my little house that’s been a refuge and sanctuary through good times and bad over the past few years. I decided to keep the name Pigtown Design even though I am moving, because it’s such a unique name, and people don’t forget it!grey copyright pig No posts for the next few days, until I get the internet situation at the new house settled. But you can look forward to some pictures with paint, clean surfaces and furniture when I come back! And thanks for all of the great layout suggestions!


  1. Hope it is a safe move! Can't wait to see your pics of the new place after the floors and painting are done.

  2. Meg, I will REALLY miss your presence here in Pigtown--you are one of the coolest people I've met since coming to Baltimore. Nonetheless, I understand why it's time to move on, and I wish you the best of happiness and success in your new home! ~Celina

  3. Wishing you and Connor much happiness and great times in your new abode. Pigtown Forever!

  4. I just know it will be a perfect transition for you and Connor!

    New very Exciting Giveaway will be up on the 1st!

    Art by Karena

  5. Thinking of you. Let me know if you need anything. Big kiss xxxxxx

  6. Good luck with the move. Looking forward to seeing more of the new place.


  7. Stay cool and move on:)

    xo Jane

  8. Hi Meg, Sending the best for THE MOVE! I love the new house and I think that you and Connor will love it. Mary

  9. Meg - I wish you joy and happiness in your new home. It has all been so quick! When you are settled I would love to know how far from Baltimore and your neighbourhood you are moving to - Jan

  10. Best wishes to you Meg! I'm so happy you'll be bruise free for a long, long time! Freaks.

  11. I'm not sure if I've ever left comment but I visit often and love the vicarious thrill of your life experiences and the beauty you find and nurture around you.

    I'm looking forward to your adventures in your new home but am so sorry that you have been forced out of your old home. I have had several other friends faced with similar situations with churches and I've always been amazed that the city powers that be tend to turn a blind eye. I assume they're afraid of the strong arm litigation of those types. =(

    Safe relocation to you and your sweet pup.



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