May 15, 2011

Gilt-y Treasures

I’ve been loving the look of gilded furniture pieces lately.  I like the warm look that gilt imparts and on the right piece, it’s just so elegant and classic.

I love Di Overton’s Ghost Furniture pieces, with a twist on a theme, such as this old frame repurposed as a chalkboard with an elaborate gilt chair as chalk holder, Gilt 3 or this teapot with a gilded finial and feet.gilt 2 I love this chaise longue. The gold in the silk really highlights the gilded wood. It just makes me want to sit next to an open window, with the breeze blowing in and read a great book. gilt1 Here’s another great piece that’s similar.gilt 4 Of course, if I had a place like Castle Howard, there would be room for lots of these lovlies!gilt 5 And maybe a lush boudoir like this!gilt6 I might swap out the mirrored bed side dresser for this gilded goodie though!gilt7 For some guilty pleasures and more gilt-y treasures, check out Furnish UK’s on=line interior design magazine, where I found a lot of these images.

What are your gilt-y treasures? 


  1. Me thinks your new chairs would look great gilty!

  2. I love the gold and guilt. I can't wait until the tide truly turns and we are all once more comfortable with guilt mixed in with steel, mirrors and industrial. Mary

  3. I adore guilty pleasures. I gold leafed my husband's grandmother's mahogany curio cabinet and put a gold and silver metallic fabric in the glass door. Sass with a bit of class!

  4. In the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire's new (old) home "The Old Vicarage," she has gilt edging for molding, something I've never seen before:


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