June 1, 2011

Connor Comes Home

I picked Connor up at the Downtown Dog Resort & Spa yesterday afternoon and we headed uptown to our new house. He'd gotten a bath and was all soft and fluffy. It's sad to see how white his fur is getting, from the pale gold when he first came to me more than four years ago.

He was clutching his "new" pink pig. This is the successor pig to Army, the armless pink pig. When Connor is feeling stressed, he carries his pig around in his mouth and won't let go. So I made sure he had it at the kennel with him.

I let Connor into the house and he just stopped and looked around. The place is still a total mess, but the main pieces of furniture are all there. He went and sniffed the sofa, and then the chairs. We walked upstairs so he could see that my bed was there. All the while, he had the pink pig in a death grip in his mouth.

Mum came over last night with a picnic, including wine! I unpacked a few of my beautiful William Yeoward goblets and we toasted my first 24 hours at the house... and then she cracked the whip and we got to unpacking!  We took a nice walk through the new neighbourhood to explore a bit, although at 9:00 at night, you can't see too much.

I am at an internet cafe now, sucking down some iced coffee and checking e-mails. I hope to get the wifi hotspot in by this afternoon and re-connect.

Thanks so much for all of the great comments over the past few days, and as always, thanks for reading Pigtown*Design!


  1. Connor is precious! My parents just moved from St. Louis to Winter Park, FL... and there 2 labs, Pearl and Pajame were confused and stressed. They are happily adjusted and swim almost everyday... takes time, but he'll be fine... poor baby!

  2. I'm so glad Connor has his comfort pig - and that both of you are together in your new home. ENJOY! Ellie and I can't wait to come down for a visit. Yes. I did it. I invited myself and my dog!

  3. Can hear Connnor sighing a 'ahhhh home sweet home' doggie sigh!
    xo Cathy

  4. I need me one of them pink stress pigs. I gotcha a house warming present.

  5. Hopefully Connor will feel at home shortly!

  6. So happy for you as you both settle in. Don't you lay awake at night thinking of all the possibilities your new home offers?! Exciting.

  7. Do you have YOUR comfort pig?? Glad the move is over the hump. While there's more work ahead, it's in Your Own House! yea!

  8. Connor looks like he's quite comfy. And I'm sure you soon will be as soon as things begin to shape up in your new home. All I will say here about your prior experience with the new church in the neighborhood is arrrrrrgh! No one needs neighbors like that. Here's hoping you will find lots of fine friends in your new neighborhood.

  9. As much as I want to talk about your new house, the aging dog comment caught my eye.

    Our Lab/Pointer is 10 and having some hip problems. Last night she went down while rushing to get her "squirrel" to greet a guest.

    When your dog can't get up your heart breaks in two. She regained her footing shortly after but still..

    Forget my own age issues, I'm more concerned about hers.

    xo jane

  10. I wish you and Connor all the best in your new digs!

  11. As a Mom to Hazel & Jack [also labradors] I am sure Connor will settle in to the new place...you are there, that is most important to the labbies.)) He is a sweetie, love the smoochie face.))

  12. I think you should live in your
    house for a while to get the feeling of where everything should be. it will work out. Dear sweet Connor will soon adjust too.
    Today is such a sad one for me. I had to put my dear 16 year old tabby to sleep.I already miss him so much. Leslie

  13. I love Connor. He reminds me so much of the black lab I had. Don't worry. Connor will get adjusted to his new digs before you know it. And with your nice backyard, he'll find lots of treasures that only our doggie kids can find.
    ~ Monique


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