June 7, 2011

Bird by Bird

The writer, Annie Lamott wrote a book called “Bird by Bird”. It’s about writing and life, and taking things step by step. The title is taken from advice her father gave her then-ten year old brother who was overwhelmed by writing a report on birds. Her father said just take it bird by bird.birdbybirdThat’s advice I’ve always tried to follow when I am faced with a daunting task, like packing, moving and then unpacking a house.

I am faced with daily frustrations of not being able to find something critical – like my sonic screwdriver, which I used about three days ago, and is now nowhere to be found. I’ve called on saints to help me locate it, but I am sure it will re-appear as mysteriously as it disappeared.

I am starting to unpack my fabrics, and it’s like seeing old friends again! Oh, look, there’s Kelly Wearstler’s Bengal Bazaar! bengal Barbara Barry, you’re looking gorgeous as ever. barbara_barry_beddingShanghai, Nanjing and Summer Palace! 8-24 013 Now all I need to do is find the citrine silk I am using to make curtains for the guest room, and I can hang them!

As I said, I am just emptying bags and boxes, bird by bird.


  1. Meg these pieces are all absolutely gorgeous, and I cannot wait to see more!!

    Art by Karena

    Be sure to send your friends to come and enter my amazing Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

  2. I have this book and it is dog-earred beyond belief. One day at a time, box by box, bird by bird. Whatever the phrase, you seem ahead of the game. I bet I have more unpacked boxes than you and I have been here six months.

  3. Hm. Might your missing sonic screwdriver be up on the roof?

    Check right about here:


  4. I love that quote. Now I can go back to it so quickly--bird by bird. How many times have I gotten stuck and then become angry with "one step at a time"; bird-by-bird is so much brighter. Thanks, Mary

  5. A wonderful book, given to me by a friend....! I am thrilled you are sharing it far and wide. Good luck with the boxes!!!

  6. Just yesterday as I came in from a long, hot day in the garden which seems to have expanded exponentially over the winter, I told my husband the same thing. Loved the book, and the story of the young, overwhelmed and deeply procrastinating child with daunting task in front of him. Bird by bird indeed!

    ps maybe Connor needs a play date with Helas.

  7. Our screwdriver went missing last weekend as well. Seems Irish was putting together the new shop-vac - and laid it on the ground. ANY round straight (or not) item when placed on the ground enters into STICK territory. I found it hours later in Ellie's favorite lair in the meadow! (She hides things there).

  8. If I didn't already like you so much, the mention of Anne Lamott would have done it.

    The deal is sealed, I'll send our shop driver over with a screwdriver.

    xo Jane

  9. Bird by bird is right for my life too Meg.

    I'm really happy that I get to see your house transform.

  10. I was not familiar with this book or this saying. I love it! Keep up the fabulous work, you are doing a wonderful job and you are so kind to share with the rest of us in blog land while you are doing it all.

    Have a wonderful night,

  11. I want to say how much I enjoy your blog. My brother Jonathan G. told me about your blog and I don't miss one single posting. I love all the fabric.

  12. Hi Lisa... I adore your brother!!!

  13. I just finished Anne LaMott's bestselling novel, Imperfect Birds. She is an amazing writer. My copy of Bird by Bird is also dog-eared. This morning, I enjoyed seeing your fabric treasures bird-by-bird. What a collection. I can't wait until you get everything in place and give us a tour.


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