June 20, 2011

Classic Cars

The Baltimore Architecture Foundation, where I am VP of the Board, has an annual golf outing and classic car “concours d’elegance”. The members and friends of BAF bring their classic cars for display on the club’s gorgeous green lawns, and everyone stops to admire them – from the club’s chef to the little boys and girls learning to play tennis.
Here are some of this year’s beauties. For more classic cars, click here and here.
cars 003 This is a 1938 Packard, with the most incredible green shades, original to a car of that vintage.
cars 011 I love how the wing-mirrors are attached to the spare tire!cars 013 This car even has a special storage compartment for golf clubs.
cars 026 This is another Packard. It was the most beautiful shade of navy blue and had the most stunningly elegant lines. cars 019 The hood ornament on the blue Packard was a cormorant, the symbol of the car. cars 018 The detailing and pin-striping on the spare tire was amazing. cars 017The owner told me that this steering wheel is made of Bakelite, and is called the banjo because of the style of the three spokes. cars 029 Here it is driving off into the early evening for its trip home. cars 020 When I first saw this car arrive, it struck a note of familiarity with me… and not just because it’s a Volvo!cars 021 It is because the original owner of the car lived in the house behind ours for many years, and he kept the car in his garage, which was across the lane from ours. His son now owns it.cars 022 This car just says mid-century, mid-America to me.cars 002 This is just plain sweet. Beautiful shade of blue. Perfect condition and formerly owned by the artist Norman Rockwell… but not exactly what I’d have thought he’d drive!cars 030 If the keys had been in the ignition of this Mercedes, I’d have driven it right out of the place!
cars 006 cars 007
A couple of great old Porches. Mid to late 1960’s.

cars 036This is a serious American land-yacht! The car measures almost 20 feet long.

Thanks so much to everyone who brought their cars out today! It made the event so much fun and added an aire d’elegance!


  1. And that Land Yacht is a WHAT??

    Great cars!
    Thank you for the tour.

  2. Wait, wait.....It is a Lincoln like the "Entourage Mobile"

  3. I love the flip down luggage rack on the Packard! My grandparents had a Packard and the little newspaper from the small town they lived in printed details of locals' travels... "the couple motored to New Orleans today to celebrate the birthday of ...." This is a car you would "motor" in and I can picture my grandparents in it!

  4. I just read a story where the author wrote "and she clutched the Bakelite steering wheel of her blue Packard" so your photo and description was quite timely. My husband's great aunt always had a brand new Packard delivered to her each year, even in the depths of the Depression, and through the WWII years, when they were nearly impossible to be had. But imperious Aunt MInnie always had to have a new Packard to drive down from Washington DC to the home place in NC each summer.
    BTW, I don't think one drives porches, but those Porsches are lovely!

  5. Hi Meg. I love those cars!!!!! WE owned both of those models of Porsches and in silver--fun memories. Mary

  6. I am going to pose the question I always pose when it comes to vintage cars. Why have aesthetics left car design? They could pull the old specs on those Packards, and we'd all be driving them.

    I did own a 1939 Plymouth for a while (and an old MG,) with running board, etc. I will tell you it was like steering a tank. Those cars were so heavy, but I adored it.

  7. The father of a girl who lived on my street in 6th grade had a brown version of the land yacht in the last photo. I think the real reason her father owned it was that he also was an iceboater and he was able to transport his iceboat, tied to the seats, without using a trailer.

  8. Sadly, I am too tall for the Mercedes roadster et al. Pardon me if I opt for the Lincoln.

  9. I'll take the red one, please.

  10. My father was very proud of once owning a Packard.
    Now I know why. WOWZA


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