June 6, 2011

Man of Mode

My friend, David, aka The Man of Mode, aka your Royal Ascot Correspondent, is arriving in a few days and I’ve been frantically prepping for his arrival.man o'modeAlthough British, David lived in Baltimore during his high school years, and comes back to the States on business. We originally met through this blog, and then when he came to Baltimore, he stayed for a weekend. We bonded over our mutual shock and horror at the appalling manners of a third guest, who was staying with me for several weeks. man o'mode2I saw David and his now-wife, several months later in London and had an amazing meal with them at Modern Pantry, an incredible restaurant close to his flat. He’s a world traveler, and an excellent photographer. man o'mode3Check out his Tumblr page here.


  1. oooo, gorgeous car!

    hope the visit is another hit! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. Have a super visit--the house and Connor are lookin' GREAT. Mary

  3. I know you are crazy busy! That is one house guest of yours that I know I would love to share dinner with, along with you, of course! ENJOY!!!

  4. Oh good, this gives me hope we'll meet one another someday.

    After all, we're only separated by 45 minutes.

    Have a fabulous visit.

    Love to Conner.

    xo Jane

  5. I am liking you more and more. How about some posts about manners? Does any one have any, these days? I am appalled. Ann

  6. Many thanks for the kind words, and the plug for my Tumblr. Very much looking forward to my visit.


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