June 26, 2011

Books on Sunday

After taking a break for a few weeks, I finally made my way back to the Book Thing today. It was as if some books were there just waiting for my arrival, and I found a couple of scores within the first five minutes of my arrival.

First up is The French Touch: Decoration and Design in the Most Beautiful Homes of France, by Daphné de Saint Sauveur. The title initially caught my attention, but then when I looked at the cover, there was something very familiar about it. books 006 Hmmmm… I wonder what it could be?  780guestroom1 Well, once I read about the house on the cover, I found that it was Manuel Canovas’ flat in Paris, exuberantly papered in his Bienaimee print of peonies in a ginger jar. books 002I had found a few yards of this at a flea market a few years ago and used it to make this wall-hanging, which I threw up on the wall of the new house to semi-disguise a wall that hasn’t yet been painted.  books 020It’s a gorgeous print, but I’d find walls and furniture with that print a bit overwhelming. 

Another great book I found is The Sisters, The Lives and Times of the Fabulous Cushing Sisters, by David Grafton. books 012 Sort of tied into that book is this one…The First Four Hundred, Mrs. Astor’s New York in the Gilded Age, by Jerry Patterson. That book looks to have mini biographies of each of the 400. books 018 I also found House Beautiful’s Weekend Homes, which I am hoping will give me some ideas for how my garden at the new house. I was given a lovely gift certificate (thanks K+N) to a garden center, and while I have some ideas, I need firmer ones before I go on a buying spree!books 017 Next up is Chippy Irvine’s Town House, which might provide some useful suggestions on space planning in a “smaller” house. books 014 While this book dates from the late 1980’s, it’s always fun to read through books like this, and learn from the masters. 

Connor seems to be settling into the new house, although there were some fireworks the other evening. He knew exactly where to head… to the shelf below my “desk” in the kitchen, which in reality is a six-foot long commercial steel kitchen counter!books 001 I am already hunting for the drugs to give him on July 4th!


  1. I'm sure your vet will come through with some anti-anxiety meds. Our first dog hated thunder. Connor is such a love!

  2. Nice book haul!

    Thank God Connor doesn't live here, after the official fireworks our neighbors behind us go on a killin spree, no it just sounds like that,on a firework spree that rivals D.C.'s. Poor Lab.

    xo jane

  3. Has anyone ever suggested giving Connor benadryl? For dogs it has the effect of just taking "the edge" off and mellowing them out a bit. Jones (super watch dog that he is) runs out and barks at thunder and fireworks--no one is going to touch his house!! I love the books--what more could I want on a summer day (or winter, spring and fall). Mary

  4. I have GOT to get to the Book Thing...I was under the delusion it was only held once a year, and I am now guessing this is not true? Poor Connor...we have a beagle who hates storms, fireworks, Blue Angels.... Yet our greyhound only fears people outside!

  5. Gretchen... it's only open on the weekends.


  6. A lap or two of Schnapps used to help Sadie, our Vet suggested it. Some people seem to think of the 4th as a week and not a day, poor Connor, and poor Connor's Mom.

  7. We have the same kind of work table in the kitchen and Dexter walks back and forth across the bottom shelf to our dismay. I wonder that it hasn't occurred to him to nap there (maybe that will be next.) The Canovas fabric is a maz ing.

  8. Hi, I am new to the wonderful world of blogs this year. Yours is one of my regular reads. :)

    I just wanted to let you know that i spoke yesterday with Michael, the proprietor of Yoicks, the shop about which you recently posted.

    I called him to inquire about the book in one of your photos of the shop, Hunting Pie, as i have been looking for a nice copy for awhile.

    In the process of arranging to aquire the book, Micael and I had a wonderful chat, as I shared with him that I was born in Ruxton where my family lived briefly with my maternal grandparents...we then went on to chat about our shared love of all things hunt country, etc.

    Any event, it is amazing how this blog thing connects so many previously impossible dots.

    Thank you for your contribution to your readers!


  9. Hi Ann...

    Thanks for your great comment. It's such fun to make connections like this. I grew up in Roland Park, but my parents lived in Ruxton during the early 2000s. I also grew up going to the hunt races, both here and in the UK.

  10. Dear, sweet Connor. He's getting settled so well. Maybe you can put ear buds in his ears for the duration of fireworks!!! Or maybe you should put them in yours!!!


  11. Dear Meg, thanks loads for the book thing link...time for a trip to Charm City, as I have not only a lust for more books, but for some fabric at your (pseudo-secret) haunt!! Along the lines of Leslie's comment: does music help Connor? I swear that having WBJC on daily, and turning up the volume on fireworks and Blue Angels days, makes a huge difference in calming the Animal Farm here in Annapolis....

  12. When I saw the first book, for a moment I thought it was the Andrews Sisters, famous for their singing. Who are the Cushings and why are they famous? Inquiring minds want to know!

  13. Gretchen... let me know when you come to Baltimore! I'll show you around. And remember, the Book Thing is only open weekends. Funnily, I don't think that the Blue Angels would bother him like fireworks. They do a big flyover on opening day and that doesn't worry Connor at all. Is Animal Farm anywhere near Ferry Farm?

    Marcheline... these three sisters married very well.


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