June 28, 2011


I’ve gotten a number of requests about what’s happening with the house, and I am pleased to tell you that it’s coming along! Amazingly, I am starting my fourth week there, and it feels like home – except that I still don’t know where everything is.

The main room is shaping up well. My friends K+N gave me a round table, which will fill in the spot in the front corner very nicely. I threw a piece of Diamond-Baratta fabric on top of it for the moment, until I can decide on which fabrics to use for the skirt.

books 025 The ticky-tacky “chandelier” has got to go. As you can see, I klassed it up by putting hot pink sticky notes all over it, so people (me) don’t bash their heads on it. It’s got a load of sharp corners and I just can’t stand the sight of blood.

The seating arrangement works pretty well, and the two slipper chairs I bought at auction are super comfortable.  Even though the ottomans are the same height, it works to put your feet on them and have sort of a chaise longue.

I’ve used the little drop leaf dining table a few times, and with the folding chairs I bought, it works pretty well to have three or four people at the table.stakmore 011 I still haven’t decided on a final fabric, and I still haven’t painted the other three chairs in the set of four.

I whipped up some curtains for the first-floor loo in Schumacher’s Fireworks in mandarin. They’re perfect for the space and when the morning light hits them, they look great. The fabric is a great linen/cotton blend.  Schumacher Fireworks in Mandarin Connor seems to be settling in, but with the 4th of July this coming weekend, it remains to be seen how he’ll handle the fireworks. He’s become very attached to his babies and carries one or more with him everywhere.sunday 009 I am keeping lists of the things I need to do, and there’s a great deal of satisfaction derived from checking things off of it.


  1. We have a problem with one of our dogs and fireworks. It's just terrible to watch the pacing and panting.

  2. Has anyone used the "thunder shirt "? We just read about it. Our Lab Daisy developed thunder fear when she was about five. During her last year we tried making a little tent over her head and it calmed her down! The Thunder Shirt is a kind of Velcro warm snuggly that fits around the body and chest. Our local pet store carries them. Hearts United for Animals uses them successfully .

  3. Hi Meg, It is looking good!! The sticky notes add a touch of class to the chandelier. Good luck with poor Connor on the 4th this year. The "Thunder Shirt" sounds like a promising idea. Mary

  4. Meg -

    Love seeing the progress. And that chandelier - Klassy sista!

    give Connor hugs from us. I hear the "Thunder Shirt" works well! Since this is Ellie's first 4th - we'll see what happens!

  5. Meg, you are getting lots done. That bark and white fabric would be great on the chairs!

    Glad that Connor is adjusting well...I know the Fireworks are a problem!

    Art by Karena

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  6. Can you start playing patriotic music now. Then when the "show" begins-- have the music he is familiar with playing to "cover" the bangs and such. secondly, Different articles I have seen speak to dogs reading their owners mind.. does conner know you are happy in the new place just "stressed" about the decorating-- maybe you are not stressed but have you "asked" Conner any decorating questions so he feels involved?

  7. Anon... seriously, i talk to connor all of the time, so people who can hear me, must think i am insane! and i always ask him if he's happy!

  8. Always enjoy your fabric choices. The Schumacher mandarin print is fantastic! Your home is lovely and gets better with every post. Thanks for sharing the details along the way. Hope Conner has a peaceful 4th. I have two black labs that also are not fond of fireworks.

  9. Egads... I'm glad you mentioned the pink post-its. It took me three full minutes to even start reading this post because I was staring at the chandelier trying to figure out what the hell was going on there.

    HA! 8-)

  10. Yes, so right about that chandelier! I know you will find an ideal replacement! Poor Connor! Our big Pit/Lab mix has terrible storm terrors! Thankfully no fireworks allowed in the city here so Nelson won't have to stress over THAT! Your new home is shaping up nicely...all in due time...you are making great choices for the two of you! I love following your progress.


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