June 1, 2011

More Connor

I couldn’t upload pictures this morning, but now that I’ve got my wee wifi hotspot activated, I am back in business… and by that I mean I’m surfing the webs again!

Yesterday, as we were driving to the new house, Connor wouldn’t even look at me. He usually props his head on the window “sill” of the back seat, but he’d squished his head into the way-back of the car.connor in the car At our old house, Connor could come and go into the back “garden” via a screen system that he could move himself. Now, we have an actual screen door and I have to let him in and out. connor the drama dog 006 I need to hook him up to a long line when he’s out there, since he’s also known as Houdini, and I can’t risk him getting out.connor the drama dog 005

I think he likes to hide in the grass and pretend he’s invisible. connor the drama dog 001 But he’s not!connor the drama dog 002 This is what the house is looking like… A total mess, I know. I need to figure out what goes where, and it’s not necessarily going to be in the same place as in the old house. And, it’s probably not going to be where it is now!  I still need to figure out where things are going to be placed.connor the drama dog 004My mum, the slave-driver, came over this afternoon to crack the whip again. Whew! Believe me, she’s doesn’t need to crack the whip – Man of Mode, my friend from London, arrives in about a week, so that’s all the incentive I need to get the house in order!


  1. i empathize with you, and your baby boy dog. we're only moving furniture around and its enough to send me to the therapist

  2. Can never be enough Connor for my taste.

    Look at that face.. oh wait I can't see him...where did he go?

    xo jane

  3. Miss seeing you Connor. Such a lovely animal with an "old soul". Some of my best friends (perhaps my only friends) have been animals. They are more trustworthy than most people I've known.

  4. As the owner of two chocolate Labs, a mother and daughter duo namer Lulu and Gigi, I find your Connor to be delish! What a cutie pie hiding out in the grass :)

    Moving sucks. Hard. I'd distract myself with adorable pictures of that lump of hairy love too. Now get crackin' on the unpackin'!!

  5. Connor is a Houdini? He can get over that fence?

    The yard looks very peaceful with him back there.

  6. you making progress day by day, task by task...you will be all fixed up in no time. love the image of connor and the pink pig

  7. He'll settle in pretty quickly as he realizes that food and ear scratching rations haven't changed. Can you invite another dog for a play date in the back yard? Or hide little puppy treats all over the house, so he can play hide and seek?

    Unpacking is not fun, but cleaning up and fixing one room at a time is my favorite method of establishing order. Everything that doesn't fit stays in a box and moves to the next room. If you don't need it at the end, it can wait six months then go to a Goodwill, or another yard sale.

    I don't know how you let anyone else help you. Its very nice of your mom to help, but I'd go crazy and would be more disorganized if my mom tried to unpack for me.

  8. I recognize Conner's charming expression...he is pouting. Probably not as much from the move as from being left at the kennel. It can be the poshest of "Pet Resorts" and I get the same look!

    I've moved 27 times so I feel your pain. (Rearranging furniture is considered a sport in my family!) It is an exciting & back breaking process, but a creative joy to design a new nest.

    You & Conner will be settled in no time and have a wonderful new home to display all of those fabulous finds of yours!

    Both of you deserve a treat.

  9. That Connor is just too cool for school. I want to mug his face. Good luck moving in!

  10. Poor baby boy!!! I think I see a taller, more secure fence in your future as well as a doggie door in the bottom half of that door you pictured for us. I promise you, after having lived with your screen arrangement in the old place, being a doorman for the dog will not fit well into your new scheme of things. You will be figuring out rather quickly how best to accomplish restoring a bit of independence to your adorable furry companion. Once we got a doggie door we marveled at what could possibly have taken us SO LONG to figure out how BADLY it was needed. But we DO have an 8 ft, board on board privacy fence...so none of our babies have a prayer of escaping to explore. Good luck, sugar plum...I don't envy you the next couple of days..but it will be WONDERFUL to restore order!!

  11. Meg,

    I laughed out loud at your photo of Commor, when I have to take our dog Munchen to "camp" she does the same thing. She will jump in the back seat of the car and ignore me, at least until dinner time.

    As for the disorder, I am sure the silver lining is that you have a fabulous new place, and a new palette to decorate and perhaps unearth some of your favorite things that you did not have room to show case at your other place. How lucky for you to have your mom so close to come over to help you!

    Have a wonderful day!

  12. How much fun you are having setting up a new home with Connor. He is great company!
    I found myself sitting at the dinner table the other night explaining to my husband about the genesis of the name Pigtown. I find the name fascinating.
    I am thoroughly hooked on your blog.
    Happy new home to you and Connor,

  13. Poor Connor. He probably thought that you left him for good. What about an invisible fence for the back yard? I didn't know that the hanging screen doors were so inexpensive. I think I'll get one, I leave the screen door open all the time, so my dogs can come and go. Maybe Connor would feel better if you walked him around the neighborhood a lot so that he could get used to the new smells. He probably needs a visit to the old neighborhood to visit your friends just so he knows that they are okay. I read something a while back that dogs are as smart as 2 1/2 year olds. (Maybe three yr olds for labs) Since then I treat mine differently and we get on a lot better. Thanks for the photo of the new place. We get it now. Ann

  14. Hi Meg, I think that the house looks fantastic considering that you just moved in and it is basically only you (with Connor riding shot gun) doing the work. The slipcover looks great. Mary

  15. Poor Conner! I just love his photos... he's adorable!

  16. Mess? All I can see are those lights!!! Now I understand why you were anxious to get them down!

  17. Oh Connor - I'll have to come down and teach you how to open the screen door. I have mastered that feet all by myself! (Yes from the inside to get out - and from the outside to get in - it's not that difficult!) - Ellie

  18. Ah.... the chaos...here the same!

    It is nice to have company...one week till visitors...I have two LOL!


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