July 28, 2009

Jackie's 80th

I read on New York Social Diary that today's Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis' 80th birthday.
It's hard to believe she would have been that old. She and Jack remain, in many people's minds, forever young.


  1. what a lovely photograph - the pose, the dress, the hair, the serene face - thanks!

  2. perhaps the most iconic of the style icons. (I have a client who name her children Caroline, Patrick and John.
    It seems everyone loves her.la

  3. I've been wanting to write about this photograph for the past few years. Let me tell you a secret. It was taken by Avedon, and in the proof sheets (and I'm sure I saved a copy of this somewhere) Jackie's heels tore holes in the backdrop paper which later had to be cropped and edited out.

    I loved the high heel holes. It humanized the moment. Also, in this same photoshoot, her children came running to her and hugging her legs. Still "Mummy," even in Duchesse Satin.

  4. My Grandfather-in-law handled all of her art purchasing. He's got some amazing photos of her NYC apartment...


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