July 16, 2009

House in My Head Book Reminder

I know I've distracted you all with ghosts, gorgeous presents and pianos, but if you're interested in being chosen to receive the book "The House in My Head" don't forget to leave a comment before the end of Friday, July 17!


  1. Thought of you today, I was watching Davis Arquette he is sitting in a claer box in Manhattan for 2 days for the cause Fight Hunger.... it is the feed the nation reminded me of the blogging movement that you began earlier in the year! Just thought you might like to know,

  2. Leslie... I saw that. Poor thing, it's hot here on the east coast! he'll be an easy bake dave!

  3. When I lived in Innsbruck one summer I went to Salzburg and took the Sound of Music tour which I LOVED!

  4. I would love this book, but what I would love even more would be to live near "book thing". Your blog is always full of interesting things -- thanks for sharing with us! Michelle

  5. The House in My Head. An ever evolving, not always bigger but always better space then the one I currently inhabit. Love your blog, love that your are in Baltimore and I am on the Eastern Shore and am always learning so much about the city across the bay.


  6. Pigtown-

    I adore reading--more than almost anything else.

    But sometimes my wind wanders and I wonder:

    Who gave Julie Andrews' that haircut for 'The Sound of Music'?
    Is 'me' really a name I call myself?
    Is Fa a long, long way to run?
    How did they get the film crew up there?
    How many times did Julie twirl around to get this iconic image?
    Did Julie have time to read books?
    If she read a book, what would it be?
    What is the sound of one hand clapping in a forest?

  7. Diane... do you wander as you wonder? or is it the other way around?

  8. P-

    Oh, typos (or as I like to call them tpyoos) are such interesting little tricksters.

    "My mind wanders and I wonder' and perhaps my 'wind wanders' or 'my wine wonders'...

    With a little prestidigitation I could be wandering and wondering, and wining and dining.

    And still I wonder: who gave Julie Andrews that boy hair cut? It is such a great picture in the alps--and the hair clinging closely to her airs (like ear phones) is odd, and too short at the back, in my opinion.

  9. Love your blog always very interesting Favorite movie of all time! Thanks Gina


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