July 6, 2009

Final Restoration Hardware Warehouse Sale

Restoration Hardware has a huge warehouse about 20 miles north of Baltimore that is open to the public once every few months. Unfortunately, they're closing this warehouse and moving it, and it will no longer be open to the public once they move.
Their final sale is from July 8th to 12th and they're advertising savings of from 75% to 95%. I have gotten some incredible deals there, including crystal ornaments, originally priced at $12.99 for 49¢. I bought some pewter vases for $2.00 that were originally about $25 each. Here's a post about some of my great deals. Most of their furniture is too big for my house, but their smaller things were great deals!
Here are the details of the sale, with times and directions.


  1. Ack! I wish I could get in my car and drive up there! Perhaps I can get my Maryland-area friends to go shopping on my behalf. I ADORE that chandelier and have been eying one bar cart (the one on sale now is too big for the space). Despite it being a "corporate" furniture chain, I love RH!

  2. I love the chandelier, too. I am not sure what's on sale though, since it comes from all over the country. I just chose these images from RH's website.

  3. sounds like a sale not to be missed! those are amazing prices!

  4. DEAR P-

    Now that you've spent the weekend drugging your dog!
    Good luck on your finds.
    Bargain decor is the best.
    Let's hope you find the objects of your dreams.

  5. We have RH stores in a couple of the outlet malls near here. Great prices but somewhat limited in their selection. But a whole warehouse? That must have been fun! Too bad it's closing... hope you get the chance to scoop up something before it does!

  6. I think the thousands of miles between me & the warehouse is a good thing.

  7. Hmmm... nice items on sale are aplenty these days.

  8. Alicia's comment is so funny. I am a Baltimore gal living in England for a couple more years and I totally agree that thousands of miles are a good thing right now because I think I'd redecorate my entire house if I could. First time to your blog - my aunts grew up in Pigtown in the 40's.


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