July 20, 2009

The Georgian Group Awards

As I was browsing the Guardian, I found a small Georgian House for sale in Bath, England, one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. From there, I stumbled upon the Georgian Group Awards, which I’d never heard about.Georgian Group

The Georgian Group was founded in 1937 as a sub-group of the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings, which was founded by William Morris. The group exists to preserve and protect the Georgian buildings in England, Wales and Scotland which were disappearing at an alarming rate. After many years of struggling, by law, any Georgian building (1700s or later) that is being significantly altered or demolished must be reviewed by the Georgian Group. This also includes residences, commercial buildings, monuments and parks.six

The Awards, recognize exemplary conservation and restoration projects and reward those who have shown the vision and commitment to restore Georgian buildings and landscapes. The award categories are Restoration of a Georgian Country House, Restoration of a Georgian building in an urban setting, Reuse of a Georgian building, Restoration of a Georgian Church, Restoration of a Georgian garden or landscape, New building in the Classical tradition and New building in a Georgian context. I used to have meetings at the Georgian Group’s HQ at Six Fitzroy Square (above and below), so it was fun to come across these pictures.six2

Let’s look at some of the past winners, shall we? Belmont House on the Shetland Island of Unst, before (above) and after (below)belmont_after

Blackburn House in Lothian, Scotland, before

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           and after.blackburn_house_1 Moggerhanger House in Bedfordshire, beforemoggerhanger_b4 and after.moggerhanger_aft

Christ Church in Spitalfields, beforechristchurch-0

and after.christchurch_aft-0Danson House, Bexley, Kent, before danson_beforeand after.danson_afterLast but not least, a house I knew well… Clifton Hill House in Bristol.  clifton_hill_afterFor more information on the Georgian Group’s 2009 Awards, to be held later this year at Christie’s in London, click here. Nicky Haslam will be one of the judges.


  1. Thank goodness that people care about these things. My oldest today said of some new, tacky monstrousity, "Oh, that's cool." Poor guy (and his brothers) were then subjected to a driving tour of what is "cool" and why.

  2. Many many thanks to the Georgian Group and the work that they do, and thank you to all architectural preservation groups everywhere! And thank YOU for posting this blog.

  3. Amazing renovations. And thank goodness for organizations like this! Thanks for the post.:)

  4. Gorgeous post and this is right up my alley. I am always so glad to see when organizations preserve historic architecture.

  5. a wonderful cause. I have a friend who is crusading up and down the South in a one man cause to save old plantation homes and the like- a painfully difficult job and one that gets little help of interest from NT or state run preservation groups. la

  6. It's amazing what a little paint will do isn't it?

    Don't you just love Bath. I had the misfortune several years ago, of touring Bath with someone who had never given a tour before. I could never figure out how no one knew the Roman Baths were there. I felt like I was in Brigadoon.

  7. The church is spectacular! i love these pictures!!!!!!

  8. My heart aches, these places are so beautiful.


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