July 4, 2009

I am a Pirate

It’s the 4th of July and I am at home with Connor, who is deathly afraid of fireworks and is drugged to the gills. He’s joined by his puppy-pal, Halas, who is a bit better with fireworks.

I am pirating a signal from a neighbour’s unsecured wireless service, and it’s nice to have some access – even if it is limited.

This morning, I went to a local parade right in one of the downtown neighbourhoods. 7-4 002Even though it’s in the middle of the city, it had that small –town feeling. 7-4 010

Everyone in the neighbourhood, along with their friends, parades around the block, 7-4 011up on to Federal Hill 7-4 014 and then back to the starting point.

After the parade, there were games for the kids, including egg races, limboing and water balloon tossing and hula-hooping contests. 7-4 031 Everyone dresses for the day in red, white and blue 7-4 025and decorates their houses accordingly. 7-4 032

I hope you had a safe and happy holiday!


  1. I feel for Connor. Edward is not really afraid of fireworks, but I would never leave him home by himself when they happen!

    Happy 4th to you both!!

  2. Poor Connor. My Bob feels his pain. Tonight, we left him in the closed-up house with the tv turned up loud while we went out to watch the local fireworks show from our driveway. Came back in and he was pacing but not too freaked out. Less than during the last thunderstorm anyway!

  3. Miss Belle did not mind the fireworks, which we watched from my deck.....with Mommy Barn swallow sitting on her baby eggs! Happy Independence Day to All!

  4. I'm so lucky. My dogs ignore fireworks. However, my old dog used to bark at them.

    Glad to see you found a way to internet.

    Beautiful photos.

  5. Hope the doggy survived. Thanks for these great pictures. I love the one of the 'toy soldiers'.

  6. Hope you had an awesome fourth! I'll be having my first ever giveaway this week! I'd love if you could stop by and check it out.

  7. Thanks for your visit and glad to see you have calmed down from last week. I was just informed we have another service appointment this week, and I dread these windows of time where I feel hostage.
    Enjoy your week ahead!

  8. Try living in the DC area-we've had fireworks for a week and they are still not over-Alexandria where I live celebrates next weekend. My little watchdog is convinced we are under attack!

  9. i love Baltimore....i almost moved there (federal hill).

    it looks like fun and so american!!


  10. Hope you and Connor have survived. My father fought in Patton's army and never liked the sound of the 4th of July either!

    Hope the phone thing is on the mend. Although you might have a post in being the serial Pirate poster throughout Baltimore!

  11. Renee... this is Federal Hill. It's a great neighbourhood and I have loads of friends there.

    HBD... Connor's still skittish about going for walks. He's got his ears flat and his tail down. Hopefully, we're past the worst of it. Verizon's supposed to come tomorrow. If not...

  12. Wow! All-American without the flame spewing cars that accompany the parades in the small town middle west. What a delight. The city looks amazing.

    First time since we moved to Richmond that fireworks didn't go up at The Diamond. Which meant that Barrymore spent a more restful night than usual. Poor old Connor. Maybe a little Cole Porter? Or Jobim?


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