June 26, 2009

Tag Sale for the Locals

Last October, I went to the most amazing tag sale, given by JB, a local floral designer and decorator. It was held a few days before I left to go to the UK, and so I wasn't in the mood to spend lots of dosh. But I got word this morning that JB is having another sale featuring garden accessories, urns, votives, lanterns, crystal props and "a lot of other great stuff".
I am planning on arriving in Bolton Hill at the crack of 9:00 a.m., coffee in hand. Are you going to join me?


  1. If I didn't have week-end chores and no cash to buy a train ticket, I'd be there!

  2. See the fun thing is that I'm only a long plane ride away from being a local!! :)

  3. Have a splendid day! Report back on the goodies.

  4. * EVERY... SINGLE.. DAY, I am reminded that I live in the "wrong place"!!!

    Smiles and HAPPY SHOPPING!!! I ENVY you!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  5. Wish I wasn't so far away! It looks fantastic in the images you have posted! Make sure you post your finds...

    Haven't visited you ages...very bad and time poor unfortunately! Hope you are well!

    Anna {Absolutely Beautiful Things}

  6. the items it so beautiful i want the pots and the jar... how can i buy your product? thank you hope u reply.. looking forward for your response Wind spinners


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