June 20, 2009

More Ascot

HM and the Duke of Edinburgh taking in the scenery.

Our international Man of Mode has once again been our Royal Ascot correspondent, taking some excellent pictures from his high vantage point.
Princess Eugenie and her pea.

If you do not know, there is a rather restrictive dresscode to be admitted to the Royal Enclosures. They are:

Her Majesty’s Representative wishes to point out that only formal day dress with a hat or substantial fascinator will be acceptable. Off the shoulder, halter neck, spaghetti straps and dresses with a strap of less than one inch and miniskirts are considered unsuitable. Midriffs must be covered and trouser suits must be full length and of matching material and colour.
Gentlemen are required to wear either black or grey morning dress, including a waistcoat, with a top hat. A gentleman may remove his top hat within a restaurant, a private box, a private club or that facility’s terrace, balcony or garden. Hats may also be removed within any enclosed external seating area within the Royal Enclosure Garden.
There's even a handy little photo guide to tell you what's acceptable.
Here's Jasmine Guinness and her milliner, Stephen Jones, being interviewed by some media types.

Thanks to David & Morag for their 2nd Annual Ascot report!


  1. What fun Meg, I can't wait to see more hats...Happy weekend, xv.

  2. Love these, more, more. It seems that Jasmine Guinness can wear a hat. I've seen her modeling only the best and this SJ one is fantastic. The best one Yet. la

  3. I love the dos & dont's. Its delightful that whats a command comes across as a suggestion.

  4. What would Cecil Beaton say? Too bad one of the rules is everyone has to wear black and white! Still wanting to see a Pigtown ascot hat!

  5. Serious fun. Love the Dos and Don'ts.

  6. Love this...I would like to be transported there to see all & everything! Thanks!

  7. I regret to say that despite the fatuous dress code at Ascot you still get women looking like tarts and freaks. I mostly hate the Ascot hats.. hardly any of them fit and the fascinators are in danger of hitting overhead power cables. Curmudgeonly old bat, moi??


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