June 9, 2009

Pearl River Mart

I've been going to Pearl River Mart for ages, probably since the early 1990's when it was on the second and third floors above the stalls on Canal Street. They've since moved to a three or four level space on Broadway, just a few blocks north of Canal Street, between Grand and Broom Streets. While they have not lost much of their charm, they have gained a huge following because they're lots more accessible.
The main floor is filled with clothes, papergoods, foods, and lighting. The lower level is home to their kitchen supplies and appliances. The top floor is home goods, including furniture, furnishings, and fabrics. The other level is a small tea room and sits between the main and top levels.
I have a few things that I always buy at Pearl River - silk brocade covered notebooks and strangely enough, toothbrushes with gorgeous faux tortoise shell handles. If I can find their decorated rice papers in a pattern I like, I get that, too. I usually chuck a packet or two of joss paper in my basket, just to have it around for little projects.
One of the things I am always entertained by, and I am very easily entertained, is the selection of Chinese kitchen implements in funny and clever shapes. If you're going to take off bottle caps, why not do it with a pink parrot?
Here are some more of my images from Pearl River...
Vases, bowls and lunch buckets in turquoise, lime green and orange. There's an entire wall filled with bolts of gorgeous silk brocades in every colour in the rainbow. There were lights of every shape and material imaginable hanging from the high ceilings. Lanterns in bright enamels and recycled tin cans lined the shelves.
I saw this man trying on one of the hats/helmets/heads and couldn't resist snapping a picture of him! Pearl River isn't quite China, but it's a close as you'll get in Soho!


  1. I used to love going in there. Love what you found. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. Memories.....
    My favorite purchase was the fabrics. I purchsed a yard of 4 types, and three of another. Then I stretched them over wood. My friend couldnt afford art, but we made a great wall of fabrics for so little.
    Love the pigs on the bowls!!!!

  3. Looks like some great finds! I have yet to make it there. Now I must go! Especially for those lanterns.

  4. They always have the greatest things, don't they. Love your new header!

  5. Love the vintage lil piggy inspired header!Will have to make note of this shopping place.

  6. I LOVE Pearl River! We stumbled upon it a few years ago when we took our two daughters to NYC. It was fun for the whole family - even my husband got a kick out of it. Thanks for a great memory!

  7. It is stylish and inexpensive and has wonderful things. I love the baskets, the window blinds, the children's shoes, and the soaps. And ... oh, well, okay, pretty much everything.

  8. Meg-I was just up in NYC staying at the SoHo Grand and this is always one of my favorite haunts.

  9. You can never have too much joss paper!

    Those faux tortise shell toothbrushes
    sound essential , too....


  10. Meg, I have always wanted to visit there while in NYC, but have never made it yet. You have just managed to up it a few notches on my priority list with your photos and description.

  11. Anne... is's a mandatory stop when I am in NYC, regardless of where I am headed!

  12. The shop looks amazing! What fun things!

  13. I love your post!
    I go in there and take endless photos and then don't know what to do with them...
    Yours tell a story.

  14. Oh, I would love to visit Pearl River. The other night, John asked if I'd like to go up to NYC. Little did he know that Pearl River Mart was the first thing I thought of.

  15. My favorite!
    I think that I decorated my whole first NYC apartment with things I found on the street and Pearl River items.
    IS the new logo for you a bowl from Pearl River-super cute!!!


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