October 16, 2008

Source Book: Garden Shops

The UK is known for its gardens, lush and full or intricate and geometric. Since my entire back yard measures a tiny 12x12 feet, I only do container gardens. But I grew up with gardens and we always had vegetable and flower gardens, as well as extensive plantings including vintage roses and historic azaleas. I remember going to National Garden Scheme's Open Garden Days for Charity when I lived in Wales and seeing the spectacular range of gardens that villagers had opened to the public. In London, I once went to Columbia Road, which is basically the Portobello Road of gardening, with tons of plants of every variety, as well as pots and garden vessels of every shape and size. It's open every Sunday, unless Christmas falls on Sunday.
I am meeting up with old family friends while I am in the UK, and they have suggested we visit Petersham Nurseries in Richmond where they live, and have lunch.I've always heard about Petersham, and recently read about them in Rita Konig's column in the September Domino magazine, but didn't expect to be visiting them on this trip. In addition to a huge selection of plants, they also have decorative accessories and antiques. Just by looking at their website's selection of "gifts and self-indulgences", I can tell that I am going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! Here are some goodies that I found:

handmade books. i love little notebooks.

beautiful glasses by countess marie brandolini

a sweet country french cabinet

red & white french crockery
I can't wait to get there and take tons of pictures.


  1. Lucky you! I have heard that is a wonderful place. Be sure to report if you eat in the cafe. It's supposed to be yummy. I gave a foodie friend Skye Gyngell's cookbook "A Year in My Kitchen" last year as a wedding present.

  2. You have lots of great things planned for your visit and Petersham Nurseries sounds fabulous! As does Columbia Road.

  3. I love little notebooks too and handmade books.

  4. Meg - I'm jealous! I love looking at Petersham's website and I've been coveting those notebooks. They're by Astier de Villate but I haven't found a shop in the U.S. that carries them.


  5. And Meg, as a graphic designer and animal lover, doesn't that sign (or logo) inspire you?

  6. Oh how I've dreamed of visiting Petersham!! You'll have to get yourself a copy of Skye Gyngell's book, A Year in my Kitchen. I sent to the UK for it when it came out and I still don't think it's available in the U.S.

  7. Ms.Wis... I am not much of a cook, as you can tell if you read my food blog, but I have been asked to bring a copy back for my friend Julie (see comment 2 above).

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