October 12, 2008

Highbrow & Lowbrow

A few days ago, I posted a picture of a beautiful Eames walnut-wood stool that retails for about $750 to $800. Beautiful woodwork, great design.
Imagine my surprise when reading the Guardian this afternoon when I saw a very similar stool at British retail icon, Marks & Spencer for an easy £99, which, at today's exchange rate is $169.54. Naturally, I couldn't find it on their website. What do you think about this? Is it a design rip-off, or merely an homage to a master?


  1. With a tip of the hat to Eames, I think it's an homage. You're only as good as who you steal!

  2. Being copied is the greatest compliment- that's what I believe.
    I will check out M&S when I am in London - they seem to be producing some very stylish things lately.

  3. Knockoffs are okay. Wal Mart actually had a knock off of this stool too, for around $30. ha ha
    Which of us has not worn a knock off, or purchased a knock off of something for our homes?
    It's great to have originals, but most cannot afford them, or even have access to them.
    Has anything you've done ever been knocked off?
    I think it happens quite a bit in blog world - and I say this with a big smile and with musch affection.
    My art school professors impressed upon me that nothing is original, that there is a visual reference and touchstone to someone who came before us for everything, and instructed us to choose our references based on our unique personalities.
    xo xo

  4. if the budget allows, i would definitely go fo the real thing- the whole point of something iconic like an eames stool is having the icon itself- other wise any old wood stool would do.

    BUT for many, if not most people, money is a huge consideration, so i don't have a problem with getting the "feel" of a icon with something like the stool shown.

    in this case the knock-off is cute, but feels a litle dorm-room. i personally would just buy the real thing, or get a different stool altogether if the $800.00 for a licensed version was out of the question (and right now, it probably is...).

  5. I think it's a knock off, but tastefully done. It probably makes the design accessible and isn't that what good design should be about?

  6. Hey, why not? Nothing is sacred anymore!

    Thanks for visiting my today.....and for your sweet comment about my GD!


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