October 27, 2008

Day 4

Still no computer access at the hotel, which is preventing me from uploading pictures. Today, I met up with Just a Plane Ride Away, who's just terrific. We spent the morning wandering up and down the King's Road and Sloane Street. Great shops and loads of temptations!

School children from Hills House where Prince Charles attended school.

Messenger bag made from an old map.
Decorations at Peter Jones in Sloane Square.
I {heart} the UK.
Fun Morrocan tea pot.
Mounted heads turned out to be a bit of a theme during this trip.

Lovely jackets from General Trading Company.

Glasses from Conran's Habitat.

After Just left, I went over to Liberty on Regent Street and spent part of the afternoon there. Wow, I still love this place as much as the first time I went there years ago.

Elephant fabric for Style Court.I love all of these long chandelier lights. I saw them all over the place. The third floor railing had these carved animals all around it.

This lamp was made from old books... an idea for all of those Book Thing finds.

Another of the heads, with Liberty's signature purple.More tomorrow!


  1. Today was beautiful - I thought at the very least the weather was perfect for your trip. Have a great time in Wales.

  2. Ooooh how you keep us hanging on... dangling that carrot.... in hopes that we will SOON see you FAB photos! I'm filled with excitement and wonder! I shall return!

  3. fifi... computer problems continue, but my fault now. i don't have one of the right cords!

  4. enjoy yourself meg! looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  5. Enjoy the UK but come home soon. Country a tad out of control without you. Sarah Palin has gone rogue. Something must be done!

  6. fun, fun fun! looking forward to a picture or two when you have the chance!

  7. It was SO fun to meet you and what beautiful weather we had (after that awful soupy stuff over the weekend). Thanks for taking time out of your holiday to meet up! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip :-)

  8. Glad you are having a wonderful trip! I expect pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. ;)

  9. The messenger bag and the pillow are my favs. Love the last picture as well. I love that shade of purple against silver.


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