October 26, 2008

Days 2 and 3

I am using an internet cafe to write this, since I am having trouble at the hotel with the wifi. I spent most of Saturday with the House of Beauty & Culture who's ever bit as entertaining in person as he is in blogland. Fabulous brekkie at Tom's in Notting Hill and then a wander through Portobello Road... too much fun!

A little bird told me that HOB&C would be lots of fun!
An incredible lobster knife and fork set. A seaturtle shell fireplace screen. Classic silverware from another dealer. Mixed message lampshades.
I had a spectacular dinner at The Modern Pantry in Clarkenwell with the delightful Sir Fopling Flutter and his terrific finacee. This charming man of mode had stayed with me in Baltimore in July and it was wonderful to catch up and tell great stories!

Today was the adventure to meet old family friends in Richmond and then a trip to the incredible
Petersham Nurseries. I took loads of pictures which I will share soon. Suffice to say that between the lunch (courgette soup), the company and the location, it was another amazing day.
Detail from a cabinet.
This is where we ate lunch. The waitstaff all wore wellies along with their aprons.
Great pieces, shown in a casually chic way.
Lots of French country-style antiques.
Detail of some berries.
Tomorrow is the meet up with Just a Plane Ride away and a day of touring the shops on the King's Road and Sloane Square.


  1. Great to see you last night. Glad you're having a good time in London.

  2. Oh, do go to VV Rouleaux for me! In Sloane Square,next to an amazing shop with handmade bejeweled crowns.

    Have fun!

  3. so much fun - makes me pine for the year i lived in london

  4. Hi,

    I work with the creators of Petersham Nurseries and so am naturally thrilled to hear that you visited this weekend, had a delicious lunch and enjoyed the surroundings. I'll look for the photos....

    Sarah Canet.

  5. As many times as I have been to London (it must be 20 or more...my parents were British), I have never been there in October/November. How is the weather?

    I adore the King's Road/Sloane Square area. If I were to buy a flat in London, it would be in that area! Looking forward to the pictures and the update.

  6. Ooo. I hope you sort your wifi worries out! Welcome to London.

  7. Filled with envy just about the trip - now I'm taking to my bed that you have met and spent the day with HOBAC. What a treat - can't wait to see and hear all the detail.

  8. Can't wait to hear all about Petersham! My new cookbook just arrived in the mail. Happy birthday...and safe travels. xo.

  9. just gorgeous = the cafe, the shops!!! can't wait to see many more!

  10. Meg - this was so fun to read it in black and white like a journal first then come back and have the pictures. The lobster fork and knife set might have been worth the trip, though it all looks wonderful. And - meeting William Yeoward! Fabulous. What fun.

  11. What fun. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip and that you got to spend time with some lively people!

  12. Oh, too cute about the wellies! I loved getting a peek of Petersham through your lens.

  13. French country-style antiques! Love 'em!


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