October 14, 2008

Blog Action Day - Poverty

Rosemary at Content in a Cottage asked me to participate in a Blog Action Day on October 15. This year's theme is poverty. I live in a "transitional" neighbourhood in Baltimore which sees its fair share of poverty. I work for a charity which works with children who come from families who suffer from extreme poverty and neglect. I do what I can to help. In these scary economic times, when our retirement funds are dissolving overnight, poverty may be closer than we realize.

When I was in Wales, our school had a week of awareness projects focusing on poverty. Wales is the Appalachia of the UK, and there's plenty of poverty there. The students all donned white hazmat suits and laid out on the castle lawn, spelling out Make Poverty History. If we all work together, we can.


  1. I too have participated in Blog Action Day. You can read the story here what i am doing.

    We all can make this world better.


  2. Hi Meg!
    I am tagging you! come on over to see. :)

  3. How does one get to participate in Blog Action Day?
    xo xo

  4. Meg...Wonderful post.
    Others who want to participate can register their blog here:


    There is still plenty of time.
    Thanks again, Rosemary

  5. If you're interested in posting on Blog Action day, click here.

  6. Great photo - Go Blog Action Day!!


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