May 26, 2014

Long Weekend

There’s nothing like a three-day weekend to kick off the summer. Here in Baltimore, the weather was perfect! Sunny, 70’s and just enough breeze to make it fresh. I was lucky enough to kick off the weekend in the best possible way: hitting a great yard sale.

When I saw the advertisement on Craigslist, I knew that it was going to be great, and best of all, it started on Friday, and I had a half day at work. So I mapped the route, and headed over there. As soon as I walked down the driveway, I was in heaven!P&B1

P&B4 P&B5

As I asked the man hosting the sale what the price of a piece was, he turned around and we both burst out laughing! His partner is someone I’ve known for years, and I see them both at auctions! We’ve both developed sharp elbows to move the other bidders out of the way. And he’s got great taste!

I used remarkable restraint and only bought a few things. P&B2P&B3

I loved the vaguely Chinoiserie look of the candlesticks, and there were two of them, but all of the original silver-plating was worn off, and I wasn’t too wild about the shabby chic look of them. So out came my trusty can of Rust-Oleum Professional High Performance Gloss Black Enamel Spray Paint, except I am pretty sure that I didn’t pay this much for it!!! I hope that’s a typo!


A few coats of paint and a few hours later, the candelabras turned out wonderfully! There are four arms, and one center candleholder, but there were finials in the center, which are removable. I might keep them, or they might end up on my Etsy shop. candle

Speaking of which, I actually added some items to it over the weekend.

This is the weekend of the peonies, which, like everything else, are very late this year. My neighbour has a number of plants, but she was cutting them to take to the graveyard for Memorial Day, so I didn’t ask for any, and instead went to Whole Foods and spent way too much on two bunches.peonies

I put them in my fox hunter vase I got at the last big yard sale, and just love seeing them on the cocktail table. Funnily, this is the mark on the base of it. And now it’s the wallpaper on my phone!pitcher

One of the flowers clashed with the others, so I stuck that in a little silver pitcher. peonies2

I am hoping that the weather stays cool for another few days so the peonies stick around.

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm surprised peonies are expensive in your neck of the woods. Here it's understandable, if somewhat unpalatable!

    1. I think that they're so fragile that they're hard to transport.

  2. Hi Meg. I LOVE THOSE CANDELABRA--I would have done exactly the same thing. My first thought was black (as you achieved) but now that I'm thinking about it.........CINNABAR RED would also be fantastic!!
    Have a wonderful and short week.
    xoxo Mary

    1. I couldn't find spray paint in the right red. I might tart them up with my gold pen, though. Which would have looked amazing with a cinnabar!

  3. You should stop over here! I would be happy to share some of ours. They started blooming over the weekend while we were in upstate New York so I have missed some of the prime time because it's supposed to get hotter this week. That said, they are so beautiful - pale pink with a creamy center.

    Wow, you did acquire some great treasures at that yard sale! I think the finials are what contribute to the Chinoiserie feel of the candelabras, you should keep them. Just saying!

  4. oh those turned out great! I did that years ago to some cheap 'silver' candlesticks from target that I Loved the same of. I even left them outside! I finally got rid of them recently though -off to charity!
    We worked on the house this weekend taking advantage of the lovely weather. Took 3 days to paint the front door in fine paints of europe but it looks AMAZING. tons of gardening - i'm glad to come to work and 'rest'!

    1. These aren't heirlooms, and aren't great, so I had no worries about altering them.

    2. Jana @ Someone's HouseMay 27, 2014 at 11:01 AM

      I grew up in Iowa and we had a number of peony bushes in our yard. I now live in Arizona, and there is no way that a peony bush would grow here. Your beautiful photos were a real treat!

  5. peonies are $$ in S. CA. Love the black candlesticks.

  6. Meg, I love the candlesticks and what a great sale to come across. Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. Darn, I hate I missed this one. Looks like it had a lot of nice pieces.

  8. Hi Meg,
    Just left you a comment on my blog. Don't mean to be self-promoting cause that's tacky, but couldn't find another way to contact you. Thank you so much! I'm following you on blog lovin' now! xo, Laurel
    ps: I ADORE peonies!


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