May 14, 2014

Wry Society

It’s no secret that I love the Financial Times’ section called How to Spend It. Even though I don’t have much “it” to spend, I love reading the section and website, and have found loads of fascinating things there. image

One of my favourite sections is called Wry Society. These are stories with a twist to the tale. Someone makes loads of money, aspires to the higher classes, makes a fatal mistake and it all goes horribly wrong. image

You see the plot coming from a mile away, but these morality tales are worth the five minutes it takes to read them. And they’re all hilariously illustrated by Phil Disley who has a knack for caricature.image

The illustration above is from a story called “The Gwynabee”, in which a mother’s copycat organic aspirations are somewhat tested during her daughter’s gluten-free party…

The stories appear about every two weeks, and there are years worth of these twisty tales to be read, so take them at your leisure. They’re not going anywhere, but here.


  1. I ole it too! I think it was based on the telegraphs social stereotypes which was always spot on! I don't know why but these stereotypes seem that much funnier and tuned than for other countries here in the UK. But all the more amusing when they get it so right!

  2. Meg I can see I am going to enjoy reading these accounts, the illustrations are too much!!

    The Windows of Buck House

  3. Yes, love How To Spend It. These cartoons are wonderful! Thank you.

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  5. This is the best! Thank you! Although this will be another mind suck, but a fabulous one!

    I'm so sorry about your dear friend.


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