May 24, 2014

High Point Wrap Up: Schillig & HGTV

Before we get too far away from High Point, I want to do a final post for both of my sponsors: Schillig and HGVT Home.

Schillig, as you may remember, features beautiful Euro-style leather furniture. It’s just beautifully constructed, and the colours of the leather are really magnificent.

Schillig’s furniture is very modern, but in a classical sense. The lines are sinuous and elegant. They flow beautifully and make a statement in a room.

Even the supporting structure has been given a lot of thought and its lines are very simple. Regardless of that, they make a point and convey the fact that this is, indeed, a modern piece of furniture.

This seat is almost like a Breuer chair and the steel creates a little bit of a rocking motion, which would be perfect on a lounge this this one. This piece, in a beautiful persimmon leather, also comes in several configurations like this chair and ottoman,

and this rocker. I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to try these, because I was convinced that I would end up sound asleep in one of them, because they looked soooo comfortable. I met with Schillig right after my little incident, and I could just imaging lying down and falling fast asleep.

One of the other pieces at Schillig that I liked reminded me of something that I love!image

This bed, with its diamond quilted leather, was like a giant version of Chanel’s 2.55 bag!

And to up the glam quotient, there was a gorgeous (faux) fur coverlet on the bed. The whole thing just exuded luxury and comfort. What’s even better about all Schillig’s furniture is that they can be customized in any of the leathers that they stock. And the stitching can be customized, too. Given those parameters, there must be about a million colour combinations! Can you imagine this bed in a fire-engine red or a hot pink?

In addition to the gorgeous leathers, Schillig also has beautiful lush suedes.

There is a line of pieces done in the suede and they’re just as sophisticated as the leathers.

Like the leather chairs, these are all configured as reclining chairs, but with no unsightly handles, but a discreet push button on the side. I can vouch for these chairs – they were super comfortable and just felt fabulous!

My sincere thanks to Schillig for sponsoring me for the Spring Market and for being so kind to me!

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My other sponsor for High Point was HGTV Home and their new line of home furnishings, paints and wallpapers. HGTV is one of the most popular channels on television and with the wide range of home make-over shows they broadcast, it makes sense for them to create a products for the home, both for those who like to D-I-Y or those who use the services of a decorator. HGTV Basset (13)

HGTV has partnered with Basset Furniture to create a line of furnishings which reflect the channel’s design aesthetic. After an afternoon lecture with HGTV personality Genevieve Gorder, who talked about renovating her own home in New York City, I had a chance to wander around the Basset showrooms and see all of HGTV Homes’ new furniture lines.

HGTV Home currently has seven lines available. imageimage

For those not confident in their decorating abilities, the collections have been put together to help coordinate a look. From paints, flooring, lighting to accessories, it’s all there for someone to choose. And each collection has bedroom, dining room and living space segments. HGTV has done the work, so that you don’t have to.

Pieces from the collections work together through the different lines. This tufted-back sofa could easily be accesorized with pillows from any of the collections, and with fabrics and trims from Joann Fabric and Craft Stores, and paints by Sherwin-Williams, everything coordinates and there’s no second guessing whether the colours will clash or match. HGTV Basset (1)

Add in floors by Shaw, including carpets, rugs and hardwood, then you’re assembling a completed room. HGTV Home also has a range of lighting options, from chandeliers to table lamps, from outdoor solar lighting to floor lamps. HGTV Basset (4)

As you can see, the same piece, with two different colour stories, can take on a completely new look. This slatted wood headboard is shown here with the blue colourway with 60’s inspired prints. HGTV Basset (5)

In this image, the shades are more neutral, except for the pop of brights, giving the bed an entirely different feel. HGTV Basset (6)

Here’s a sofa similar to the first one, but with a different upholstery fabric – this time a chunky blue linen weave. The space’s silver accessories cool the room, and add a level of sophistication to it. HGTV Basset (8)

These Jessie chairs would be a great addition to almost any room. They’re just the right scale, and can be customized in any of the fabrics in the HGTV Home line. From an extra chair in the bedroom, to side chairs in the living room or the entry hall, these chairs could go anywhere.HGTV Basset (9)

Here’s another version of it from the HGTV Home website. You can see how versatile a chair like this would be. image

My thanks to HGTV Home for sponsoring me at High Point.


This post has been sponsored by Schillig and HGTV Home who were my sponsors at High Point Furniture Market. All opinions are my own.

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