May 13, 2014

Another Beautiful Baltimore House

One of the things I hope to accomplish with my blog is dispelling the notion that Baltimore is just The Wire. People who’ve only seen the show and never visited are constantly surprised about unlike the show Baltimore actually is. So here’s another part of Baltimore that will help dispel The Wire myth.

This house is on the same street where legendary decorator Billy Baldwin was raised. I wrote about it several times, just use the Google feature on the right side to search.image

Without a doubt, this is one of the best and prettiest streets in Baltimore. I love every single house on the street. And now one of them is for sale.image

It was fully restored several years ago by local decorator Henry Johnson and it the most recent owners had Patrick Sutton, another local talent, re-decorate it. From the wide and gracious entry hall, image

you can move left or right into beautiful spaces. image

The library features a ceiling scattered with stars, and probably what are the original 12 over 12 windows.image

The deep aubergine of the dining room is an unexpected choice, but it works wonderfully.image

The kitchen mixes modern appliances with traditional Rose Medallion porcelain. image

The small breakfast room off the kitchen is filled with light.image

The master suite has his and hers dressing rooms. imageimage

The house has all of its original fireplaces, which, even if they’re not working, are a beautiful element in a room. image

The current owners of the house are wine aficionados and have THREE wine rooms in the basement level!image

The house sits on a corner property, and has beautiful porches for catching the summer breezes.image

And it has a two car garage!image

It’s on the market for $2.2 million and you can find more information here. #itsnotjustTheWire


  1. Lovely area - always was and always will be! I would love to move back but to a smaller home.

    That MBR is really appealing.

  2. Dining room and master bedroom are way too dark. Tomb-like, a mon avis. They are specially lit for the photos and are still too dark. In real life, it must feel like a cave in there. The rest of the house is beautiful.

  3. Actually meant to say that the dining room, not the master, appeals to me with it's sense of drama.

  4. I couldn't understand a word of The Wire; I had to use subtitles and then I was terrified by it.

    So this is very reassuring indeed!

  5. As always, you capture the beauty of architectural home! I’m delighted to see the beauty within most especially the entry hall and the library office. The dining room also gives me a chance to decorate my own cabin with its beauty! Gorgeous garden!

    Sebastian Chuter

  6. I just ran across this home of Trulia yesterday. It's gorgeous. I'd love to see it in real life.

  7. I have to say, this is one of the most refined, sophisticated homes I've ever seen. Every room is awe inspiring without being pretentious. My favorite part of a home is the entryway. I've found that either to much time, money or room is taken up in this first space. But this entry is warm and welcoming. It is neither to grand or suffocatingly small. Its large enough to be breathtaking and gorgeous, and not too overwhelming. I love this home immensely. I bet it is a sight to see during the holidays. I can almost smell the hot cocoa and a hint of pine needles from the tree!


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