May 27, 2014

Chelsea Flower Show

Each year, around this time, the Royal Horticultural Society presents the Chelsea Flower Show. The gardens are designed by the top garden designers in the UK, as well as up-and-coming designers. Each garden is sponsored by a corporation or a charity, and each one is spectacular in its own way.image

The gardens are designed to be in place for a week, and the gardeners must ensure that every single flower is at the peak of its life during the show. It’s nerve-wracking to think about it! image

In addition to the fully-formed gardens, there are the specimen plants, best-in-show, as it is. Every part of them has to be flawless. Not a scratch, not a nick or a spot. image

And they have to be in full bloom during the show, so that they can be judged.image

Many of the nurseries and plants-men show off their newest cultivars and hybrids.image

The Show, which is usually opened by the Queen, is attended by thousands, and pre-ordered tickets are a requirement, as the Show is routinely sold out. I was lucky enough to attend when my housemate’s parents couldn’t use their tickets and it was just spectacular. Like walking through a rainbow.image

Chelsea is huge in the UK, where it is covered live on TV, and where the awards can make or break a garden designer.

The Chelsea Flower Show benefits the Chelsea pensioners, like this fellow a retired military man who lives at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, which is basically an old-age home. Residents are required to wear their distinctive scarlet coats, and may wear their military medals, when they are off-grounds.

The pensioners and the flower show are part of makes England special.


  1. Well! Nice architect design and home interior designing!

  2. My step-father showed at The Chelsea Flower Show many years ago. Thanks for the reminder.
    xox Mary

  3. beautiful - i recently watched a hilarious British movie on netflix of a true story about some prisoners winning the flower show - i highly recommend it if I could just remember the name....

  4. Yes, you are so right, the show and the pensioners are truly a special thing. I had the privilege of visiting the show many years ago (on a swelteringly hot day!), and I shall never forget it. As you say, every bloom, vegetable, fruit and plant was at its prime; a kaleidoscope of color. I am sure the show is an inspiration to ordinary British gardeners as it seems like the majority of normal folk care very much for their gardens in England.

  5. I love traditions when they are for a good cause and to strengthen our hearts, there and here. I am remembering old movies about the importance of flower shows including when the Dowager Countess Grantham gave up her annually anticipated win.

  6. I have not been + clients who live in UK have tickets + go regularly + good for them + sounds wonderful.


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