August 19, 2013

The Coasters

A few months ago, my friend Wendy came to spend a day or two with me on the way back to NYC from the inauguration festivities in nearby Washington, DC. Wendy was so excited telling me about her new venture, something that she was doing with her sister, Debbie, which was the polar opposite of her high-stress job in television news.

Wendy and Debbie started D&W Stone Crafts which makes custom Travertine marble coasters for your preferred drink. The coasters all have cork bases, so they won’t scratch your furniture. image

Wendy creates the designs and Debbie makes the coasters. imageWhile Wendy was here, I introduced her to my friends at With Gratitude, and we conspired to come up with some designs for our favourite football team, which would shortly go on to win the SuperBowl! imageWendy finished the designs within a few days, and Pam & Courtney picked up the finished coasters when they were in NYC later that week, just in time for the Ravens to win their playoff game, and for the coasters to completely sell out!

Since then, Wendy and Debbie have come up with dozens of new designs. Some of the designs are general sports, or location related, imageand others have custom designs, requested by customers. imageAll of the photographs on D&W Stone Crafts’ page are so well-styled and really show off the product. image

Click here to watch a short video about Wendy and Debbie’s business. And then take a look at D&W’s on-line shop here. Way to go, girls!


  1. Thank you for the great post Meg. Let's hope the Ravens coasters bring your team another championship! - Wendy

  2. A great idea, reasonably prices, a design for everyone! A great business all in all! Bravo Ladies! I love the seaside group! Great post Meg!

    Art by Karena

    1. That's why I like these - a design for everyone!

  3. thanks for the tip! + will trot over to their website now + like the photos of the coasters.

  4. Love the designs and the texture. Great products. Vive women entrepreneurs!


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