August 1, 2013

In With The Old

Long long ago, I found a book by David Hicks and wanted to know more about him, and so I Googled his name. After the usual citations came up, I saw a website called The Peak of Chic. With a name like that, how could I resist clicking on it?image

I discovered a treasure trove of information, written by someone who had many of the same interests that I have. I read and read, going back through time until I reached the beginning. This magical website was a blog. It was really the first one I was aware of, and I’d check it obsessively every day to see what Jennifer Boles, the author, had written. And ultimately, because of Jennifer, I started my own blog.image

It was with unbounded excitement that I read that Jennifer’s first book is being published in October. It will be an A-Z compendium of all things decorating. The foreword is by Alexa Hampton, a classic in her own right.


Here’s how Jennifer describes her book:

For each decorative element, I take you through its history and explain what makes it timeless and how you can decorate and live with it in ways that are modern and fresh. The great decorators and aesthetes whom I so admire, including Elsie de Wolfe, Albert Hadley, Van Day Truex, Angelo Donghia, Fowler and Lancaster, Mario Buatta, Diana Vreeland, and Bunny Mellon, are all very much present in this book, too, for I included all of the wonderful ways in which these style setters have used classic decoration to sublime effect.

In addition to beautiful photographs shot in some of Atlanta’s most amazing houses, there are watercolours painted by Jennifer’s sister, who did the illustrations on the book’s cover. Once the book is published, Jennifer will be doing book signings and lectures.

I am so pleased to add my warmest congratulations to Jennifer on her hard work on the book, and I can’t wait to order it, here.


  1. Yes, "Peak of Chic" was my first blog discovery, also. And then, yours--Meg. A thousand congratulations to Jennifer...I wonder how she kept the secret??
    Have a wonderful week-end. Can't wait to see what trouble you get into this time.

  2. I totally agree and have already ordered. BTW, EEE's book on Mario Buatta's come out on my birthday and Jennifer's comes out on yours. How lucky, yes?

  3. I think everyone reads "The peak of chic", or should + I know I do + she has a glorious book + happy weekend.

  4. So many of us have the same experience - Jennifer's was the first blog I had ever found as well and started mine shortly afterwards. She couldn't be sweeter and she's been so successful and deserves it! I honestly can't wait for this book!!!

  5. Wow. Pretty fab. Thanks for the heads-up.

  6. The Peak of Chic was one of the first blogs I started following, and it can always be relied upon to be informative and entertaining. Jennifer has a real eye for zeroing in on interesting designers, books, and periodicals, and I am looking forward to her new book.
    --Road to Parnassus

  7. Although I'm not into interior design per se -- I tend to buy and live with things I love -- this looks like a very interesting book, and even though I read the "home" magazines and know the designer names, I'm always up for a good learning experience and new ideas. This book looks as if it would fill the bill. I've gotten the impression from someone who knows Jennifer personally that she does great stuff.

  8. If you like her, I know I will.
    Will be on the look-out!

  9. Meg, I was revisiting old posts of yours, and realized that for some weird reason, my comment that I originally posted way back when never actually posted. No surprise, as I'm still trying to figure out reading blogs and commenting on them via my iphone. Obviously, I am iphone-challenged.

    Anyway, please know that I'm grateful for your kind post. You are very generous, and that's probably why you are one of the best-loved bloggers out there!



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