November 1, 2012

Niermann Weeks Sample Sale

I was reading the WSJ Weekend Section before the big storm hit and happened to notice an advert for a sample sale. 2012-10-27_11-33-42_473Not just any old sample sale, but one at the incredible Niermann Weeks, right down the road from me in less-than-charming Millersville, Maryland! imageI first found Niermann Weeks when they made a custom table for the captain’s quarters on the USS Constellation in Baltimore’s harbour. It was a gorgeous piece and I was delighted to meet the people who made it. imageFast forward about a million years, and I re-discovered them in the design world and fell in love all over again. Unfortunately, their price point is a bit more than I can afford, so this sample sale might just be the place to pick up something incredible. imageMost regrettably, I have an early meeting on Friday, so can’t be there at the crack of dawn to get the best stuff. But I hope there will be some things left when I do arrive.

Details on the sale are here.


  1. Annnnnnd... they have great stuff and i can't wait to go???

  2. I have several pieces I've scored at their sample sales. I am sad I am not close by this year to head over. Definitely worth the trip!

  3. I have always loved the last image here. I hope you find something wonderful!

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