November 6, 2012

Light My Fire!

Last week, as we were prepping for Hurricane Sandy, I went around the house to make sure that I had plenty of candles to light in case the power went out. Of course, I put all of the plain white tapers in the three-arm candlesticks.image

Then I gathered all of the scented candles I have to make sure that there was always a great scent in the house. First up was a Thymes candle that they had kindly sent me. It’s the Wild Angelica from their Garden Alchemy collection. imageIt has a clear bright flora scent, which I really liked. I am a huge fan of their Fraser Fir candle at the holidays, so was very pleased with this one as well. I am looking forward to December when I can light up their Frasier Fir candles and have the house smell like CHRISTMAS!

Next up was a gorgeous candle from ScalamandrĂ©.imageThe beautiful box features their iconic Chi'en Dragon print and the scent is ginger. It’s a double wick candle and has a gorgeous warm scent. It was just the thing to have as the weather was howling outside. The candle is on sale at ScalamandrĂ©’s Third Floor boutique, here.

Next up was a perennial favourite – Williams-Sonoma’s Pink Grapefruit candle from their Essential Oils collection.imageWhen I moved into my house here at Happy Valley, it had been empty for more than six months and had a stale smell in it. I bought a couple of pieces from the Pink Grapefruit collection and placed them around the house to make it smell pretty.imageUnfortunately, the cleaners knocked over the whole diffuser and so the house smelled a bit more grape-fruity than I’d intended. Since there’s a Williams-Sonoma less than a mile from their house, I usually pick up one of their candles if mine’s burnt down low.

I’d love to know your go-to candles and which scents you like.


  1. Have loved Thymes Gold Leaf for many years. The scent never gets old.

  2. Hey, hon, the schoolmarm in me is coming out: you might have some influence with the Thymes people -- tell them it's Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri), not Frasier Fir. Frasier was the TV show.

    Then again, it'll probably cost them a fortune to fix it. All those labels.

    1. hey hon, that was my mistake. my sister's name is frasier and so that's what comes naturally to moi!

    2. Unfortunately, Thymes also does it:

  3. I love Paddywax candles at Christmas - they have a new Artists series that I'd like to try. I also love Nest candles, there was a special edition Christmas one last year.

  4. for your infomation, I love Thymes gold leaf!

  5. the Ralph Lauren "pied a terre" candle has been my favorite for years. I actually bought a case of them last year -haha. I've been seeing them at tjmaxx recently too!

  6. When we lost power last time we lit all the candles and dozens of votives and still were going crazy trying to read. So instead we snuggled on the couch with a romantic comedy on the laptop and a bottle of wine. Then the next morning when the power was on again, we went out and bought a bunch of flashlights of different sizes and a lantern style light — all LED and blindingly bright.


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