November 28, 2012

Royal Copenhagen Christmas Tables

Each year, Royal Copenhagen invites Danish designers to come to their flagship store in Copenhagen and decorate tables for Christmas. This year’s theme is Christmas songs, and they will be having six Danish vocalists will be interpreting their favourite holiday songs. I wrote about another year’s tables here.imageThis year’s tables range from the rustic to the sophisticated. I love how the table above even uses rough flooring to set the scene.

Here are the other tables.

Julie Berthelsen designed this to reflect the cold of Greenland.berthelsen2

Marie Carmen Koppel took her inspiration from a classic Danish Christmas carol.koppel2

Actress, singer and director Hella Joof has put together a rustic table for Christmas.joof2

Anne Dorthe Michelsen has put together a table that describes the light in the dark.michelsen2

The singer Cæcilie Norby has put together a table illustrating togetherness, tradition and music at the head of the table norby2and cooking is central to the celebration.norby1

Singer Caroline Henderson’s Christmas table celebrates her Swedish roots which meet the magnificence of Paris and New York.henderson2

You can see a short video of the tables being set here.

Which table do you like the most?


  1. I would most like to eat at the first one but the table by Michelson of light in the dark is stunning. Lots of inspiring goodies for me to get started on my table(s) at Christmas.

  2. Not even close for me. Marie Carmen Koppel's looks the most inviting.

  3. Koppel's comes first to mind, but that's only because I've always loved that china, but in truth, each table invokes a different mood and I could see myself with all of them. It also made me few people bother like this anymore, and yet, when they do, it's just so pretty you want to be there. Also, as an aside, I've walked in rooms with broad planked flooring, and you cannot be there and not realize you are walking on history. P.S. to Meg. I wrote on the Cube blog today about Highgate Cemetery...and I "think" you used to be a did I.

  4. Anne Dorthe Michelsen table is soo delicious + Thank you, Meg!

  5. Tips please how does the food get to the guests? Is it Buffet style one goes to table picks up plate elegantly serves themselves. The tables are table scapes for a photo how practical in reality wait are there servants involved??

  6. Fabulous! We visited the flagship store in Copenhagen recently. The holiday tables / displays were not out yet :( Darn!

  7. The black table is right up my alley. I just love the simple understated runway of a centerpiece.

  8. Light into dark is my favourite,at first view. Though the more I look the more I see to like on all the others. I love the red candles and the Christmas tree on the table created by Caroline Henderson, Greenland and music at the head of the table ..I'd love to see them in situ.

  9. I adore the blue and white of the "Greenland" table ... brings to mind quotes from "The Princess Bride." If I really have to pick a favorite, though, I'll take the Danish carol table with all the roses! (Just one question: Where do you put the food?) Photo #7 looks like a disorganized tag sale. Photo #8 is great if you like pine needles up your nose as an appetizer.


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