November 27, 2012

Quiz Time!

I love these quick quizzes that promise to tell you who your first lady style twin is (!) or what your decorating choices say about you. So how could I resist sharing a quiz that promises to tell you which royal palace is your dream home. Hmmmm.image

“Have you dreamed of living in a luxurious palace, surrounded by rolling hills, with a team of servants at your beck and call? Take our quiz and find out what real-life palace is your dream home. From Monaco to Brunei, there is a royal mansion for every taste!”imageOf course, I am suspicious of any quiz that includes Diva as one of the personalities you can choose from. image

And, I might have rigged the answers slightly to get this:

Your Dream Palace Is Windsor Castle

You are traditional, sensible and family-oriented, like England’s Queen Elizabeth. It’s no surprise that your dream home is Windsor Castle, the monarch’s official weekend residence. This medieval castle sits in the British countryside and is the longest-occupied palace castle in Europe. You’ll enjoy exploring the rolling hills and the palace architecture; if you’re feeling spiritual, you can head to the castle’s 15th-century chapel. A bonus: You might bump into Prince William and his beloved Kate when you’re strolling the grounds!

Been there, done that. But I guess that these people don’t know that there’s a difference between a castle and a palace. Castles are for defending the territory, and palaces are for living in.


  1. The ads for Nutribullet, Dominios Pizza, etc., were as telling as the questions in predicting the answers. But it helps to stimulate the mind in anticipation of the half-billion dollar lottery jackpot.

  2. Mine was the Royal Palace in Tonga. Who knew? Certainly didn't see that answer coming

  3. I got Windsor too. Those were some really silly choices for a few of the questions.

  4. Aunt Meggie, this is the funniest thing I've seen recently! Here the analysis from my answers of the quiz. Appropriate, yes?

    Your Dream Palace Is the White House!

    You are successful, hardworking and family-oriented, like the American president. You’d feel right at home in the White House! This neoclassical building was originally called the “President’s Palace.” Built between 1792 and 1800 in Washington D.C., the White House has been home to every U.S. president since John Adams. In addition to well-appointed bedrooms and a stately oval office, the White House features a huge lawn and a vegetable garden. Just remember: Living in this American palace comes with a great deal of responsibility.

    - Miss M.A.

  5. Hilarious. I took it twice, and neither time did my fave come up. First it was Windsor Castle -- nice, but too stuffy. Then it was the White House -- boring!

    I'll take a French chateau any day.

  6. Lisa is right that was hilarious! I took the quiz & Windsor Castle came up...way to uptight for me(but guess they are correct)

  7. I got Windsor Castle too...hmm.....I guess thats just the kind of 'girl' I am! ;-)

  8. im a tonga person! hehe. i could see how it was going. every answer with a beach bum theme leads to tonga. great quiz!


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