November 23, 2012

Small Business Saturday

I am a huge supporter of small businesses, especially small shops, as many of my friends own one. I probably do 80% of my shopping at non-chain stores. I like that my money stays in the community and provides support locally. shop locallyI thought I’d do a run through of some of my favourite small businesses, in and around Baltimore.

With Gratitude – A gift shop with a varied selection of gifts, jewelry and art, mostly made by small local artisans.image

Halcyon House Antiques – Elegant home accessories, jewelry and interior decorating services. I want every.single.thing.there.image

The House Downtown – Great home furnishings, accessories and home design. image

Housewerks – Architectural Antiques and Salvageimage

The Ivy Bookshop – An independent bookstore with a wide range of titles and a friendly, helpful staff.image

Trohv – Quirky and original home goods.image

Tone-on-Tone – Elegant Swedish Antiques in Bethesdaimage

I hope that you will take advantage of the goods and services at your local small businesses. They want your business!


  1. A trip to Baltimore could be planned around these shops alone. I especially would like to explore the historic architectural site that Housewerks inhabits. I would also like to visit Tone-on-Tone, having become familiar with Loi Thai's incredible sense of aesthetics through his Tone-on-Tone blog.
    --Road to Parnassus

  2. Dear Meg, Thanks for this tour through these delightful shops in and around Baltimore. Seeing the photographs gives me all the more reason to plan another trip to B-more, soon! I, like you, try and give the chain stores a wide berth for (almost all) of my shopping, for the same reasons. Today we plan on visiting a local specialty food shop, an independent wine merchant, our vet, and the local antiques mall (for early vintage ornament shopping). Only non-local store we'll visit is the gas station, where we don't have much choice in the matter since none of those are "local" these days... Reggie

  3. HI, I love your attitude and philosophy. Have a wonderful holiday season. Keep the great blogs coming.

  4. Happy Holiday shopping to you, Meg + Yes, lets all support those small stores.

  5. this independent shop owner applauds you meg! i have the same sentiments which extends to restaurants too. well, back to work!


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