November 8, 2012

High Point: Style Report

Each year, after the Market has finished and things have calmed down, the High Point Market Authority presents a report of what they’re seeing as the upcoming trends. You might recognize a few of the pieces that I highlighted in these posts.

First up: The Marine Scene. image

In my mind, prep is classic. It never goes out of style. It does get a tweak from time to time.image

Menswear stripes used as upholstery fabrics. image

Incredible cut velvets. These were just lush.image

For a full PDF copy of the HP Fall Style Report, please click here.


  1. I don't like navy blue... but all the other sets of photos are FAB! Love, love me some stripes. BTW, have you seen the new line of furniture designed by Brad Pitt? It's really pretty great! Come by my blog and check out his bed - it's rad.

  2. Pin stripes my Halloween "scare- crowman" was wearing a $2 pin striped suit I found at a tag sale. Ha he was on a gurney- a folding table under a sheet and I do believe it creeped trick or treat-ers out

  3. You mentioned A. Aubrey Bodine in a previous post which I am unable to locate so am contacting you here. I have 6 photographs that are signed and would like to check their authenticity. They were found in going through articles in an estate settlement. Thank you


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