November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Plans + Menus

Here in the US, it’s Thanksgiving week. I am heading to a dinner at friends’ house and we all met up a few weeks ago to plot and plan what each of is contributing to the meal.

I picked two of the starters for part of my contribution. I had planned to do oysters in phyllo, but I am having a hard time getting fresh oysters on Thanksgiving morning, and to be honest, I really don’t want to shuck oysters. I still have a scar on my hand from a shucking incident in college!

I think I will make my friend’s recipe – Oysters Jeff-a-peake – which is a riff on Oysters Rockefeller. oyetersYou can make it with freshly-shucked oysters that you can buy in a pint container. If I can convince Jeffie to give me the recipe for Oysters Jeff-a-peake, I will share it.

Next up will be stuffed celery. This is a traditional dish in my family, with the celery sticks being stuffed with a mix of cream and blue cheeses or cream and gorgonzola. If I am being fancy, I pipe the cheese mixture into the celery. image

I am also doing two desserts. One will be a traditional mincemeat. But instead of doing a pie, I am going to do tarts. imageMincemeat is great with a hunk of sharp cheddar.

Finally, because everyone’s going to be stuffed to the gills at this point, I thought I’d make some mini-apple pies. I found this recipe on the Eggs on Sunday blog and thought it looked like it would be fun to make. image

What are you making for Thanksgiving?


  1. Ha! I still haven't decided on what's cooking for Thanksgiving. However, those little apple pies definitely will be on the menu for my dear one's birthday in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the idea. (Oh, and I do hope you get the oyster recipe.)

  2. Its just us and the kids this year so its all of the usual things. Apple ans pumpkin pies and my sweet potato dish. It is mashed spiced sweet potatoes topped with melted caramel.

  3. Reservations!

    Meg, your dishes look wonderful.

  4. I like that idea of mini pies. I think I'll try it for mini pecan pies, plus my usual spicy pumpkin. (With loads of whipped cream--the non ultrapasterized, old fashioned kind.)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day surrounded by all that you love.

  5. Well at work there was a pot luck--as it was a busy time of year for us at the P.O. (thank u folks for using priority mail :) anyway I decided to bring grapes and pickles. ( I need to get fiber into my co-workers diet some how) But these grapes easy to eat just grab a few refreshingly sweet hopefully, but man they were twice the size of a table grape. I did receive inquiries as to where my green grocer was Ha. The Publix next door!! Your stuffed celery looks great Meg. Creamed onions are a tradition sweet potato I leave them in their jackets. Are they not sweet enough already please hold the brown sugar the marshmallows and sweet crunchy nut topping. Green beans bright green, please do they have to swim in a Velvetta cheese sauce? (No) brussel sprouts roasted, Mashed potato of course, corn bread muffins, corn- sagaponock corn pudding in the past I have deboned a turket breast to prepare a roulade a somwe what Hurculean task perhaps I will merely spatchcock the bird is that the word it seems to be the hip method on the blogs

  6. I am going to cook a turkey with all the trimmings for the leftovers early, then taking a vegetable to a friends home + your offerings look yummy!

  7. Oh I wish I'd invited you first! We could go straight from starter to desserts and maybe come back later for a bite of turkey.

    We're doing a German turkey, red cabbage with bacon, Lee Bailey's icebox rolls and a pumpkin pie.

    Yum. Happy start of the Holidays.

    xo Jane

  8. Yum! If you need a tasting assistant, I volunteer! And I would go fancy on the stuffed pretty! We are spending Thanksgiving with my family.....will be quite international!!

  9. We discovered a few years ago that I'm not fond of making pie crust and my family isn't fond of eating it, so I skip the crust altogether and make pumpkin creme brulee. It's easy and fun. I can make it the night before with no trouble. I might bake some chocolate chip cookies for the kids and to take to a party later on.


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