November 14, 2012

Red Trees

This has been a very lovely autumn, with the leaves staying on the trees longer and the colours deeper and brighter than I remember seeing for a long time.

As I was driving around this last week, I began snapping pictures of many of the red trees I was seeing, and even a grove of brilliant yellow ones, lit by the sun.

A lot of the bright red trees are Japanese maples (Acer palmatum)or red maples (Acer rubrum).

One of the hedge or border plants that’s spectacular this time of year is the Burning Bush plantred tree (7) (Bassia scoparia).red tree (9)It’s actually a garden pest because it’s invasive and it has such a thick root system, it crowds other plants out.This is my friend Andrea’s front hedge.

The light is good at this time of year, low and clear in the afternoons, so the trees look as though they’re lit from within.

As I mentioned, there was a grove of trees that were just the most beautiful yellow and seemed to just glow in the damp afternoon air.And here’s another bright yellow tree that caught my eye.

We are lucky to live in a place that has four distinct seasons. Spring and fall are my favourite seasons. Which is yours?


  1. It is like a big surprise to come upon trees and bushes with these brilliant colors!

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  2. Gorgeous! Love this time of year, the leaves are so pretty and there are so many different colors ... red is my favorite!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week,

  3. I love fall -I think being a Libra has something to do with it. My grandmother had a Japanese maple in her garden; I think of her garden whenever I see one.

  4. Thanks for sharing these glorious photos!

  5. Most of the New England states have now banned the selling of the Burning Bush.

  6. Hi Meg,
    Your gorgeous photos are making me homesick for the East beautiful Autumn colors or sky in So. Cal.
    Have a super day!!

  7. I have posted these to Pinterest, Stunning, Great photos, Meg-

  8. I'm with you Meg, I also love Autumn ...the colour , the light, and there's something about anticipating Thanksgiving.
    BTW that neighborhood in your photos looks familiar!

  9. Agree - it's been gorgeous, and these are some of my favorite shots of Autumn so far. Somehow, all these gorgeous trees survived the storm!

  10. That is one of the two things I miss from living in Connecticut...the red maples and the lilacs. Too hot for either one here in the South. But I do have a burning bush right on my front lawn that I can see as I leave this comment!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. I was afraid Hurricane Sandy would blow away all of our color. On the contrary, the trees are still vibrant! You are right, this has been one of the loveliest falls we've had in a long time. We actually mowed our lawn today, for what is hopefully, the last time. I have taken hundreds of leaf pics! They'll have to sustain me through the winter months. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Our Japanese Maple isn't as bright this year. It is more of a deep cranberry. Other years it has been like a fire engine.


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