November 2, 2012

Sandy: What YOU Can Do

I am taking this very eloquent and persuasive letter from Rich Foot, CEO of the non-profit, Foot’s Forecast weather group and posting it here so that friends looking for ways to help those hit by Superstorm Sandy can be directed.image

How Sandy Is The New Katrina, And Why We All Should Help, Immediately.

For readers new to Foot's Forecast, you've seen by now that we do weather differently. When we work a storm, or the recovery, we go beyond forecasting, to public safety and improving response. But, when we do not see science and technology being leveraged appropriately to improve response, we're going to say something about it. And we're not happy. image

If you want to do something about what is happening in NY and NJ we have links on our main site to charities who are engaged now in the recovery.

KATRINA VS. SANDY: Katrina was horrific by any standard. Many of us cried our eyes out night after night watching TV coverage of children and families struggling in the heat with no one to help them. This tragedy is the same, because it affected the same group: Americans. It is time for America to act, and do it immediately. Winter weather is approaching, temperatures are dropping and frustration is already boiling. Here are three jobs that need addressing in our storm recovery efforts:

JOB # 1 - ACCEPTING THE TRUE SCOPE. With millions facing no power for weeks as winter descends, and 100,000+ homeless, we are facing the largest humanitarian crisis in the history of the country, and it's time to see evidence of a national effort to help. FEMA, local and state governments cannot do it alone. "We" are the people, it's time "we" get behind the effort, quickly.

JOB # 2 - REFOCUSING THE MEDIA. It's time the national media begin to focus more on how we can all help our fellow citizens, instead of spending precious air time on unsolvable questions of climate change, while millions are shivering in the cold. Where are the "donation" graphics on CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, TWC? If your local media has already been at this task, please post a link here so we can all share the information.

JOB # 3 - RECOGNIZING THE NEED TO HELP. Many of us in Maryland and other parts of the country who have endured disasters can relate to the already extreme and rising challenges facing our fellow citizens in NY and NJ. However, unless wider action is taken by all of us, the short- and long-term crises may exceed any previous natural disaster in our nation's history.

imageWHAT WE CAN ALL DO: We're asking you, your school, your community, your church the same question: What are you doing to help? Election or not, recession or not, our fellow citizens are in their darkest hour. It looks like they will be that way for some time, and it's not getting any warmer anytime soon.

CEO Rich Foot and the U.S. Team of Foot's Forecast


  1. Where is HGTV Curb appeal shelter magazines and their web sites channeling readers to learn of ways to help. The Weather channel the play by play of the approach where was the well you know how to deal with the after math. This is a Pompeii in the 21st century. The Ocean is filled with trash and hazards The schools the children the psychological toll the humanity . A well know Domestic taste maker laments on her blog all the trees uprooted on her estate....

  2. Thank you for this post on how to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I checked many other blogs that I usually read, and none of them even mention this horrific storm. I had to drive from Boston back to Maryland yesterday. I was able to get more gas in Danbury, Ct which allowed me to get home without joining the line of cars trying to get fuel on the Garden State Turnpike. The fuel lines at the New Jersey Turnpike got shorter the farther south I drove. It was good to see so many power company trucks which I believe were coming from out of state heading north to help. Have already made a donation to the American Red Cross. Governor Christy has also set up a Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund which will help the victims of the storm in NJ with bills that are not covered by insurance, etc.

  3. Another good thing would be: Stop whining about activities that have been cancelled (AHEM- MARATHON RUNNERS)... there was a HURRICANE, people. Get over yourselves! A lady I work with is worried about possibly not being able to get her son, who has stage 4 cancer, to his chemo treatment because there's still no gasoline available out here on Long Island. THAT is a REAL problem.


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