November 22, 2012

NO Black Friday

The very idea of shopping on Black Friday is anathema to me, and I could no more imaging doing this than jumping off a cliff. I realize that Black Friday shopping is a sport to some people and they get a kick out of waiting in line all night, pushing and shoving people and scrambling for the best bargains. no black friday

I will be at home recovering from an excellent dinner with friends and then having a great lunch with other friends down from New York.

As I mentioned, I made mini-apple pies, which turned out well. I ended up chopping the apples and cranberries in the Cuisinart to make them small enough for the pies. I also made mincemeat tarts, which I wasn’t sure if people would like, but they certainly did. tart1I used a tart pan and put rounds of pastry into the cups. Then I filled each cup with mincemeat and cut out a snowflake shape in pastry and placed it on top. tart2I think that they turned out rather nicely! We had them with some nice sharp cheddar cheese.

I also made the semi-famous Oysters Jeff-a-Peake, which have been a hit on my FB page. I should have taken some pictures of them, but didn’t remember.

Oysters Jeff-a-Peake

  • Shucked and Drained Oysters
  • Bacon
  • Chopped Onions
  • Grated Cheese

Place several oysters, depending on their size, in a lightly greased muffin tin. Add about a third of a slice of uncooked bacon, some chopped onions, and cover with shredded cheese. We use mozzarella, but I think cheddar would also work. Bake until cheese is melted in a 450* oven. Dip in BBQ sauce or eat plain.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!



  1. I, too, have no intention of rushing into the Black Friday (what an awful name!) mosh pit of gross consumerism. Only shopping I'll do tomorrow is groceries and spirits. Your mincemeat tarts look marvelous! Reggie

    1. Black Friday ..sounds like a day of bushfires. In Aust. days when major bushfires occur are always prefaced with the word Black

  2. Hi Meg, Black Friday and Sacriligious (sp. help please) Thursday shopping should be banned. What would the Pilgrims think of this horrible barbaric habit? Shopping is not spending quality time with family, friends or ourselves--it is an addiction. That said, being in the retail business, please come on Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons. I love the mincemeat tarts. They are gorgeous!! Have a super non-shopping day with Connor and friends. Jones says "hey" to Connor--he had to stay home yesterday.

  3. Oh, help...NO! I will be at home all day. Busy doing a photo shoot for our (snail mail!) Christmas card; gorgeous day outside so I'll also be working in the garden!

  4. Black Friday is for people who watch Honey Boo Boo Chile and Sister Wives. Dig me?

    Mince tarts with wee snowflakes on top are for... ME! FOR MEEEEE! Nomnomnomnom... can almost taste them just looking at the picture.

  5. Amazing how people fall prey to these gimmicks. I on the other hand will be working on my wreath, beautiful day here in the South. Those tarts look divine!

  6. Im so impressed with your pies! I love mince pies and yours look first class they have ample filling.

    I have missed a few of your recent musings. I'm now back at work fulltime,so have to do some re arranging of my so called I don't miss anything.

    Now off to visit your recent posts I have missed.

  7. The entire Black Friday thing simply escapes me, unless it's a situation where it is truly the only way one's budget can handle the purchases. It is as far removed from the spirit of the season as just about anything I can think of.

    You, on the other hand, did the species proud, the mincemeat tarts look awesome! I want one!

  8. I'm with you, Meg. First of all, by Friday, I have been cooking for two straight days and have no desire to add more wear and tear on my poor feet. How much money do those shoppers really save? The deals actually get better as Christmas nears. We've spent our day, eating leftovers, moseying over to Blackwater Wildlife Refuge, and now Mike, kids, and MIL are taking in the Lincoln movie. When they get home, we'll play board games, drink a little wine, and play board games. Heaven.

  9. Your little mincemeat tarts are adorable! I've always wondered what mincemeat tastes like, since it's always included in all of the holiday meals in those 19th century English novels.

    I'm in complete agreement with you as far as "Black Friday" shopping goes. My mother called me from the car to ask if I wanted to go with her to Nordstrom today. I told her to sit tight and wait for an ambulance from the psych ward, because NO WAY was I going anywhere near a shopping mall on the day after Thanksgiving!!

  10. Tarts and oysters? Im hungry again!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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