September 3, 2012

More Zajac Magic

When I started looking into the Edward Zajac mirrors I showed the other day, I went back and reviewed the Bonham’s catalogue for the auction to see what else had been listed for sale.  These “satellite” mirrors are a spin on the Line Vautrin (French, 1913-1997) Sequin mirrors. I actually prefer Zajac’s version for its lightness and whimsy.imageThe mirror directly above was hammered down for $114,000 on an estimate of $40,000 to $60,000 and the one below for $28,000 on an estimate of $20,000 to $30,000.image

In addition to this mirror, there were several other interesting ones. A pair of these went for about $6000. The mirrors are inlaid like the one above. image

This riff on a sunburst mirror also went for $6000.image

A Louis XVI style marble inset white painted circular table for $5600. I love the detailing!image

An Edwardian-style leather-covered campaign chest of drawers went for about $1000.imageAnother piece was this great chandelier, which I am not sure if Edward Zajac created or not. zajac1The arms certainly show the same sense of fun that the “satellite” mirrors do.


I love discovering new things!


  1. Is that a typo or did someone actually spend $114,000.00 on a mirror!?

  2. Okay, any furniture covered in leather is probably worth a lot of money, due to the nature of leather, its tendency to discolor and stretch/tighten... but a mirror with wired-on baubles? No, sorry. I've bought antique mirrors like the ones pictured for around $50, and could add wired-on baubles for under $50... resulting in an identical/comparable mirror for around $100. The mirrors you've shown are definitely priced with a view to sell to rich people who think if they don't over-pay for an item, it isn't worth anything. Should totally be listed on OKL, if they aren't already.

  3. OMGosh, the mirrors....I need to start finding those to sell :) I'm in the wrong field. I LOVE, LOVE the Edwardian stye campaign chest.....very cool! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend, Meg.

  4. They are very unique and interesting mirrors; I love the whimsey. As many items "newly" discovered, the prices go sky high and then as they are replicated will come down to be affordable.

    Art by Karena

    1. They really are great. And to see them in person is just enchanting.

  5. I feel very uneducated.....of course, I know Line Vautrin, but I had never heard of Zajac. I do love these pieces, I'm going to study up on this artist. Thanks, Mary

    1. Mary... Edward Zajac worked for/with Billy Baldwin. When Baldwin retired, EZ took over the client list. He's still living in NYC.

  6. Stunning, Meg.


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