November 1, 2010

Halloween Party

My friend Tracey and I put on a Halloween Party to benefit the Baltimore Architecture Foundation, where she’s the Director and I am on the Board.  The party was held at Tracey’s other business, Housewerks. The building is a perfect place for a Halloween party – or any other party, for that matter. It’s a Victorian gasworks building and is filled with the most amazing items and artifacts.  (This is an early picture, right after they bought the building.)early housewerks2

We didn’t have to do much to the interior of the building, except for adding some lights,  Halloweenie! 001 some spooky skeletons, Halloweenie! 003 and lots of candles. Halloweenie! 015 For the food, we had loads of candy and snacks, including this huge cauldron of cheeze balls.Halloweenie! 008 The costumes were hilarious, ranging from the Chilean Miners, to a creepy clown that someone had put on his back. He’s actually facing the “miners” talking, but the clown face was looking out at the group. Halloweenie! 037 Here are a couple of other views of the space before the party started.

Joseph and the Baby Jesus with his miner’s goggles on.Halloweenie! 002 Some spiders hanging from the back door.Halloweenie! 005 The fireplace room, reflecting the main room.Halloweenie! 009 The 1940’s perm machine, all lit up and ready to go.Halloweenie! 010 One of the sinks, filled with glass chunks and fairy lights.Halloweenie! 022 All in all, it was a fun party and raised some funds for the Baltimore Architecture Foundation! 


  1. Looks like fun! I need that mirror in the fireplace room!

    (PS - where's the sultan costume???)

  2. Looks like fun! Don't you ever rest woman?
    I am always impressed!

  3. That looks a lot better than our Halloween. I am really rather envious. Love the cauldron of cheese balls! Well done you.

  4. Love it! Fantastic place to have a party.


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