November 9, 2010

Pushing The Season

Now, I know it’s about 41 days until Christmas, but I have no idea how many days there are until Valentine’s Day, because it’s not even on my radar yet. Hell, I’ve got to get through the next three months before Valentine’s Day will even be a glimmer on my screen.

But the good PR folks at Dempsey & Carroll, one of my favourite stationers, are already out there pushing for us to order our Valentine’s Day cards. I am probably not even going to figure out what I am sending for Christmas cards until, oh, about December 24th!D C D&C… please let us get past these upcoming holidays before you barrage us to buy for the next one.  If good PR was your mission in sending this e-mail reminder, you failed.


  1. I don't do Valentine's day, but even if I did, you're right: too early.

    Now, with Christmas, it's a different story, mainly because every year, my brother & I see who can spot the earliest Christmas decorations. The first one of us to send documentation gets a free dinner from the other one. Stores don't count, since joints like Macy's have had their decorations out in some departments since the back-to-school sales ended, but one year, I spotted a house all tinseled out--complete with a blinking Frosty the Snowman in the middle of the scraggly petunias--on October 16, although, since it was in Peoria, I sort of felt like I was cheating. You can find just about anything down there.

    Anyway, I'm still searching for this year's contender.

  2. Meg;
    Too cut are these. I luv the duo of horseshoes! Nice.
    I will get an email to you soon!
    So darn busy this week, but if you already have some pics of Connor, look them over.
    Head shots or to the neck work really well.
    Be in touch,

  3. Totally know what you mean- I heard someone on NPR advertising something for Valentine's day a couple of weeks ago! I have no idea what because my brain was too busy going "Huh?! What happened to Christmas?" to process anything after they said, "What will you be doing this Valentine's Day?" Way too early! (and this from a gal that already has a couple of Christmas baubles up!)
    - Meg

  4. It's not only too early--it's a bit intrusive. Please let us enjoy the seasons and days as they come--not guilted by card giving or not. Thanks, Meg, well stated.

  5. The "Your're A Fox" would be my pick!

    Holidays are getting pushed earlier and earlier and I find myself feeling pushed as well to start things earlier. It almost seems like Thanksgiving has become the forgotten holiday!


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