November 26, 2010

Small Business Saturday – Go BUY Something!

I support small businesses as often as I can, and I often feature them on Pigtown*Design. It’s so important to the fabric of our country (and others), that small business survive and thrive.


1. For every $100 spent at local small businesses, $68 returns to the community.

2. Small businesses employ half of all private sector employees.

3. Small businesses represent 99.7% of all employer firms.

4. For every year over the last decade, 60-80% of new jobs were generated by small businesses.

Here are some of my local small businesses that I support and promote.

Halcyon House Antiques – for the most exquisite pieces for your home, located in a gorgeous country setting.12-12 073 Housewerks Architectural Antiques + Salvage – one of a kind pieces salvaged from old buildings, churches and homes, located in a Victorian-era gas works.5-30 041 McLain-Wiesand – Custom-made furniture and selected antiques, located in Mt. Vernon in a working studio.McLain 002 Gore-Dean – Sophisticated selection of unique pieces in a museum-like setting.11-11 016 There are hundreds and hundreds of small businesses that need your support. They depend on this time of year to make it. So please consider supporting your local merchants so that they can support your community!


  1. Good Advice especially during the holiday season!

  2. Let me know if you ever want to shop down in Southern Maryland, I have the store just for you...sure you have heard of it. The Vintage Source!

  3. Thanks, Meg, for promoting all of us. In addition to providing much needed employment, we (small businesses) offer the best service, are the most knowledgeable go-to resource in our respective fields and generally bring a passion for what we are doing and a love of our clients to our businesses. What could be better than unique, individualized gifts from antique venues and decorating shops. Most of us offer a return/store credit option, in addition to great merchandise. Mary

  4. You got that right! I wish I was there to go on your shopping trip. Those lamps at Gore Dean are making my heart race. I have about thirty extra lamps, but those are knockouts. You are so enthusiastic about Bal'mor that you make me want to visit. Ann

  5. Today, go HUG someone!! :)

    People shop because they are lonely and empty inside.


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