November 18, 2010

On the Street Where I {Want to} Live

I love this time of year, because just after dusk, lights are on and curtains are still open, and you can have a peek into some incredible places.

I had a board meeting earlier this evening, and as I was walking from the car to the residence where the meeting was, I literally stopped in my tracks looking at an amazing house. I had remembered seeing it earlier in the year when I was at a party across the street. Maryland Club 033 The owners used to keep the shutters closed so people {like me} couldn’t peek in, but apparently, now they’re leaving them open. Because the architecture in this house is not to be missed.11-18 003 There is a massive glass vase in front and center of each of the huge windows, somewhat obscuring the view, but you can still get a glimpse of the ornate ceiling. 11-18 005 There’s really only so much snooping you can do without crossing that fine line into trespassing, so I could only snap a few pictures.11-18 006 Believe me, I am going back to check out that house again to see if I can get some information about it, and take more pictures.

It didn’t really matter too much that I couldn’t get in this house, because I was headed to another one on the same block which was incredible in its own way. How about this room with two amazing fireplaces?

11-18 014 11-18 013

And when you’ve finished gazing at those lovelies, check out this one.11-18 015 Beautiful dining room with a flannel grey paint on the walls. The ceiling is about six feet lower in this room, so it gives a feeling of intimacy. But check out these fabulous leaded glass windows, which make a little conservatory in the room.11-18 020 It’s a little bay with the clear leaded glass on the windows on the walls and then ones on the ceiling. The patterns in the glass diffuse the light.

The owner is an architect, so there are wonderful details all around, like this pantry, where I covet the cabinets.11-18 016 Of course, each room has the perfect lighting. Period pieces abound, including this stunner from Paris, by way of South America.11-18 023 11-18 026 In the center of this light, there’s a bowl with crystals in it, with a light inside, which shines out. It’s really such a unique piece… and I mean that in a good way.

While the front hall is quite simple, it’s not without its own charms.11-18 025 11-18 029I felt very lucky to be able to see inside this wonderful home, which the owners have pulled back from the brink of severe tackiness and trashy apartmentness.


  1. Baltimore has beautiful unique architecture! I love the carved marble mantels and ceiling medallion

  2. wow! It's almost a year since I saw snow on your blog. God, time flies. The architecture is wonderful in this home. BTW? did you ever find a home to purchase? Best wishes for a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Oh that pantry. Thanks for the tour Meg.

  4. What beautiful rooms.

    I have to say you are a better woman than me. I would be knocking on the door of that first beauty and asking for a tour. I have no shame and I'd do just about anything to get a good look at a gorgeous home. :)

  5. There is nothing like East Coast living and homes. I do appreciate California, but there is just something about the depth of design and architecture back East. Love your posts; I'm just a little homesick reading them. Have a wonderful week-end.

  6. Meg, When I am in London I do the very same thing. I walk at dusk and peak into the houses in my neighbourhood....I love it ...this secret time when the curtains are still open but the lights are on....pure magic...xv

  7. They don't shutter their windows to keep people like you out, but rather so passing crackheads won't be inspired by the nice things they see in the window to break in. The building at 6 East Eager Street has been broken up into offices for some time now. As far as the provenance of the house is concerned, I know it's linked to Niernsee & Neilson, and one of the Marburgs lives there for many years.

  8. I love your voyeur pics! The house from the outside looks just like 13 Grimauld Place from the Harry Potter books... the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, which is completely invisible to muggles but which appears magically when requested by a witch or wizard in the Order. Magic!


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