November 14, 2010

My Beautiful Weekend

These past few days have just been spectacular. Chilly nights and warm sunny clear days. So when I read the forecast for the weekend, and I knew my friend Wendy would be down for the weekend from NYC, I knew it would be a perfectly beautiful weekend.

Wendy arrived just in time for Saturday brunch and we kicked the weekend off with a Bloody Mary with a shrimp and a piece of candied bacon. What could be better than bacon, booze and sugar! 

There was a little craft show at the restaurant, so we popped in to say hi to some friends, including two gals who were hall-mates of mine at college! Shawn owns The Floral Studio where you can always find one-of-a-kind floral arrangements. I loved this piece made of carnations.

11-13 002 11-13 003

It will last more than a week and would make a beautiful centerpiece for the holidays.

We drove out to the countryside north of the city to see Halcyon House, where Stiles, Jonathan and Eric were unloading all of the Christmas ornaments. I’ve never seen such an amazing selection of fabulous pieces and think that a tree or wreath with any of these would be stunning.

11-13 017
11-13 018

Jonathan took us for a spin in the tractor, but no worries, the bumps were softened by huge John Robshaw pillows! We stopped by to look at the old barn which is being re-built by some Amish men. The original beams from the barn will remain, but the outside will be all new.

Then we ventured into the gardens, where the bones of the layout could be clearly seen. I had been there this summer to pick flowers and seeing it in the fall made me appreciate how much work the guys have put into it.  11-13 03011-13 03611-13 032From the gardens, we cruised over to the pastures to see the resident cows and horses. Ever since I can remember, there have always been horses on this farm, and when I was small, we’d always stop along the fence to see the horses. 11-13 055 11-13 059 They all trotted along with us as we drove along the fence. Here’s a little video of us cruising along the driveway and the pond, which is full of migrating geese.

As we went back into Halcyon House, we were both delighted with the amazing selection. I found these treasures.

11-13 074 Sharkskin bangles in two sizes 11-13 075Jade & pearl necklace

11-13 079 John Derian plate with enfiladed hallway.

11-13 081 Fabulous blown and sparkling glass balls.

From Halcyon, we headed back into the city for a spin by DeBois Textiles where Wendy picked up some gorgeous fabrics, including a piece of chocolate-brown faux suede and a piece of dusty rose velvet, all for a special project. Then to Housewerks, where Wendy found a fireplace mantel and mirror for the fireplace in her NYC apartment.11-13 006

The day ended with a lovely dinner party at one of the most amazing houses I’ve ever visited. The owner is a serious collector and has joined together two 1880’s town-houses overlooking Baltimore’s Inner Harbour. Everywhere you looked, you could spot an incredible treasure and a fascinating piece of decorative art. I am hoping that the owner will let me come take some pictures (eh, JH?)

All in all, a really fun weekend, with a fun friend and lots of others!


  1. How wonderful Meg. Sorry I missed the Beckett Hitch-a-ma-giggy. Glad you had such a gorgeous weekend! xoxo

  2. That carnation arrangement is wonderfully scupltural. Normally I find carnations rather dull, and not even retro in a good way, but this is brilliant!

  3. That carnation arrangement is the most wonderful floral work I have seen for a long time....brilliant use of a fairly unexciting little bloom. I am glad you had such a gorgeous weekend Meg....xv

  4. Well I'm just plain green 'round the gills, it sounded
    like the perfect weekend!

  5. Hi Meg, I tried to link to Halcyon house; but kept being linked to the Georgetown Mansion. I "NEED" a couple of the bracelets--perfect touch. How do I reach them on-line? Congratulations on a week-end well-spent. Mary

  6. Mary... it's Halcyon House Antiques.

  7. Can agree that Baltimore weather was gorgeous - popped through Baltimore twice this past week. Can see that carnation arrangement on my table! Cathy

  8. It was a splendid weekend! Of couse when we started out with a bloody mary with BACON - I knew we were in for some fun! Thank you again for showing me your Baltimore! -Wendy

    PS - Hugs to Connor!

  9. Sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend.

  10. Indeed a beautiful weekend!

  11. So glad you had a wonderful weekend!
    Many more!!!!

  12. Someday I want someone to describe me that way... "blown and sparkling".


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