November 4, 2010

I’ll Take This: House in a Ballroom!

This was once the ballroom of a mansion Somerset, England, and its dissection into a four-bed home has left the drama of its dimensions undiminished.

Wiveliscombe4 Wiveliscombe5

The open-plan living floor is topped by an elaborately moulded glass ceiling worthy of a Victorian railway terminus;

Wiveliscombe1 Wiveliscomb-002

lavishly proportioned windows light the orangery,Wiveliscombe2 study and library;Wiveliscombe3 and half an acre of formally landscaped gardens extend into woodland.

It’s a fascinating piece of property and is a good example of a well-done conversion of a historic building. Wiveliscombe6 Wiveliscombe7 Yours for £515,000. HERE.


  1. I wish I could buy it for you, so you could save it from that awful cabinetry.

  2. Meg I adore the study and library.

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    Art by Karena

  3. Oh to have an orangery! Or, in my case, a limery!

  4. I love the house (especially that tower-y looking thing toward the back), but that plexiglass (glass?) wall around the loft to the study HAS to go. Ew! It takes away the homey feel and makes it look like an exhibit in a museum or something. Also, how could one relax with a good book in the plush study chair knowing that people can stand right above you and read over your shoulder?

  5. Just love to read your blogs. They are fun, interesting and informative. I look forward to reading them. The home pictured today is lovely. I am afraid that I am out of pocket cash today. Please tell me where the name Pigtown came from.

  6. Ann... Pigtown is the neighbourhood where i live in baltimore. they used to run the pigs from the big train depot down the main road to the slaughterhouses, and allegedly, people would grab them when they went by!

  7. I think I have this in my piggy bank. :)

    Valories auction post is up is you want to link up.


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