November 11, 2010

New Gore-Dean

I loved the space where my friends at Gore-Dean were located. It was in a refurbished mill complex and was architecturally very cool. Gore Dean 040 But it had some issues, like lack of visibility and the location next to the stream which powered the old mill, and that sometimes floods.

They’ve just moved into a brilliant new space, about a mile and a half down the road from their previous location and it is FABULOUS!  It has beautiful clean lines and it just so beautifully lit with loads of sunlight streaming in on one side and a view over the courtyard of the complex on the other. 11-11 006 While the original site had gorgeous features from the old mill building, it was difficult to see the amazing things on offer, as you can see below. Gore Dean 008 The new shop is set up in little vignettes and items are on wood shelved backing up on a white ground. 11-11 018 It makes is so much easier to see everything and gives it a much cleaner, museum-like look. 11-11 015 Deborah Gore Dean and her wonderful husband Spider, have such a marvelous eye for both the items in their shop and the display of them. 11-11 010I am thrilled with Gore Dean’s new location and hope that if you’re in Baltimore, you will take time to visit them in Cross Keys.  Check out their Christmas catalogue here.


  1. Oh, nice space and nice things! Enjoyed you on the Skirted Roundtable. :)
    xo Terri

  2. I spy a green pillow that will go on my wish list. The old location was beautiful but I never visited it. Too tucked away. Can't wait to head to Cross Keys soon. Happy Friday Meg!!!

  3. Meg, now you can just pack up that pair of blue and white porcelain lamps you showed in that photo and send them right on down here to me!
    I have THE perfect spot for them!!
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  4. Thanks, Meg--I'm forwarding this post to my friend, Missy, who lives in Annapolis--this is just her kind of shop!!

  5. Meg-Thanks for coming by and writing such nice things. You forgot to mention that the Christmas Catalog was YOUR IDEA! I would not have known where to start if it had not been for you. Thanks! -Deb GoreDean

  6. How nice they make those sharkskin bangles in two sizes! I have had my embarrassing moments with my windsurfer's wrists..


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