November 8, 2010


A few months ago, in a fit of insanity, I agreed to decorate a doll house to be auctioned to raise funds for the renovation of the Minton-tiled kitchen at Evergreen House. A few months ago, the deadline of Thanksgiving sounded so far away. Now, however, it is right upon My ├╝ber-talented friend, David Wiesand, proprietor of McLain-Wiesand, is also creating a dollhouse, but since he’s got a whole workshop full of amazing artisans at his beck and call, I knew he’d be the hands-down winner. So I had to think of a strategy that was both frugal and creative – just like me! (HA!)Virginia's Dollhouse_2As I was drifting off to sleep a few weeks ago in a Nyquil-induced delirium, I had a semi-brilliant thought. Why not make a paper-doll house? Everything in the house will be done in paper. brickwork-texture It’s taken me some time to really work out how to do this, but I think I finally have it!chevronThank god for Google and my printer! I have finished the outside and am now working on the inside decor. small section toile de baltimore[1] At least I won’t be totally mortified when I show up with my paper-doll-house. doorway David will still win, though.


  1. I wouldn't count on it. YOURS sounds fabulous. And WAY more creative! Can't wait to see the reveal.

  2. Meg I will be very excited to see the finished doll houses! Betting on yours!

    Art by Karena

  3. You are a crazy woman, Meg..... do you ever sleep?!!
    I feel like a complete sloth reading of your adventures each week...
    I can't wait to see the results of this latest project!

  4. First of all I absolutely adore the new header!!!

    Second, a paper doll house? Is there a second prize for thrify genius??? Can't wait to see all the little details, I love paperdolls.

  5. Meg,
    That's brilliant!! Please post many pictures of your creation when you are done--and David's, too! What a fun project.
    When my now-24 year old son was in 3rd grade he had to make a Virginia-themed project for school. It was the first such project that any of our kids had--he is our oldest. He chose the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg and I had so much fun building it!! We even glued on individual paper bricks in the Flemish bond pattern!! I am embarrassed to say that I was the superintendent and chief builder and frequently shooed him away to do other homework while I wiled away the hours making as exact a replica as I could of the Palace. It won a top prize at the Virginia History Teachers' Fair that year much to my growing chagrin. Of course, we threw it away as soon as it came home and I never again interfered with my children's projects. But, I sure had fun doing it!!!!!!!!!
    xo, Anne

  6. Necessity is truly the mother of invention.....What could be better than a paper house? I love the work so far. Can't wait for the final results.

  7. Great idea and love your new header!!
    Now Go Get Em!!!

  8. Can't wait to see it! Great idea to use paper! Find some old architectural digests to cut up too - they mansour has full page photographs of carpets for advertisements and antique paintings to hang on the walls!

  9. And I'm assuming there will be a grouping of the Map of Paris featured in one room.

  10. In my color theory class we had to do a room as our last project. I ended up doing much of it in paper, with designs I found off the Smithsonian's Asian Art website. I found a great tile motif I used for the floor (printed it out on card stock and then glued it down) and found some great paintings at the National Gallery for my art. I think going paper is a grand idea!

  11. is that a custom built doll house for the auction or is it a stock item available from a doll house retailer??


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