October 29, 2010


We’re having a Halloween Party and I just had not a moment of spare time to decide what to be, so I zipped over to my friends at DeBois Textiles and found an amazing caftan and hat, which made me decide to be the Sultana of Megistan.

It’s one of those tiny countries that only appears on maps of a certain age.megistan It has a unique culture, similar to one of those former English colonies, where they continue the colonial way of life. Tea in the afternoon, the old spellings of words and an affinity for all things British.

While I was at DeBois, I noticed that they have a lot of fabulous new fabrics in stock, including some of the newly-released Lilly ones. I snagged this picture from Jamie at I Suwanee, Lily by Jamie Meares from I Suwanee who took it at the recent High Point show. The fabric in the background is called Tail Lights and is somewhat Chinoiserie in feeling. I have it in a gorgeous green!

If you’re in Baltimore and you still need something to wear for Halloween, go on over to DeBois and tell’em I sent you… all the way from Megistan.


  1. Have fun! I am so impressed with all your adventures of late...congrats on it all!

  2. I wish that Dubois Testile were closer to So. Cal.; they definitely "get it"--I want the dragons in turquoise. Happy Halloween.

  3. I WANT PICTURES!!!!! Come on girl, make me laugh!
    Enjoy the party!

  4. Meg don't forget to post pictures, fabulous fabric by the way!

    Art by Karena

  5. That fabric in green would be gorge.com!!! Can't wait to see your photos. I want to visit Megistan!!! For tea at least. xoxo

  6. And just what are you doing with this fabulous fabric in green?

  7. I'd rather have wallpaper made from that old map!


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